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Edgar Allan Poe and the RI Comic Con

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Tonight on the show we have the team behind the play I am seeing Halloween Night in Somerville Ma at the Davis Square Cinema. Producer Izzy Lee, Director Stuart Gordon, Bryan Moore who crafted the Poe bust which is being unveiled at the Boston Public Library on Oct 30th. He also did the HP Lovecraft bust which you can see at the Providance Public Library. and last but not least the man from Re Animator and Transformers Prime and Necronomicon and sooooo many other great Horror movies JEFFREY COMBS. I finally got Combs on my show after 8 years of doing Radio of Horror. I am so happy to have him on tonight.

We also have STEVE the head of the RI comic con on the show with us and we will be playing the interview from Comicoween a big comic book give away event all over the place where ever comic books are sold.

I might at some point play some music and it will be from the VINAL soundtrack to HALLOWEEN 4 The Return of Michael Myers


Artists and Directors

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Tonight on the show we have Rich Clabaugh on the show with us the writer and artist on The Grave yard Gang a color full monster comic for kid Horror fans. If you liked the most recent movie Box Trolls check out this book here

The later on from image Entertainment we have the directors of Paranormal Diaries:ClopHill and The Devil’s Advocate

I will be playing the music form Helloween tonight and Pam and I will talk about Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural and Alien, as this Tuesday on all consoles (except the WiiU cuz Microsoft and Sony does what NINTENDONT) Alien Isolation comes out.


IDW Horror Titles

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X-Files Season 10

The X-files one of the best damn shows on TV became last year a great comic book from IDW. It takes place after the events of the second movie and Mulder an Scully rejoin the FBI. Its a great set up with other great characters returning to help and cause problems. The Lone gunmen returned and actually teamed up with the Ghostbusters, The Crow and The Transformers, and TMNT other titles that IDW publishes. They also have been reissuing the old Topps Comics in the X-Files Classics books. VOl 4 is due out soon.  Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard (issues 7-current) started out on this comic book, get a chance to see his art work on color. Jonathan Maberry creator of V wars and several other writers will be doing a tales of the X-Files book soon. A board game set during S1-3 will be out soon.

V Wars VWars05-cvrA

Speaking of V Wars based on his best selling prose novel series Jonathan Maberry has turned it into a hit comic book. Its a great visual to an awesome original Vampire story. A game is coming out from IDW as well in a few months. I just turned my short story into Jonathan for Vol 3 due out in Spring Summer 2015. The comic introduces the Blood Queen a leader to these Vampires. After a ice berg melts and unleashes a virus that turns people into non supernatural Vampires the V wars begin. 6 issues in and they took a break for a month and come back in Oct with the second story arc. Alternate covers to this book are by Kevin Eastman co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


The King of the Monsters has a great line up of action comics out from IDW. How cool would it be to see Godzilla fight Omega Supreme from the Transformers or Devastaor, or TRYPTICON. ( Can’t tell I love Transformers can you?) This comic features all of his rouge gallery and a bunch of monsters he never fought in the movies, but had movies of their own from TOHO. How cool would it be to see Godzilla fight Gamera in a comic?


Here is the one horror related title I don’t pick up that often and only read the first few trade paperbacks. Currently the Ghostbusters are missing and Janeie the receptionist has assembled a new team of younger Ghostbusters to fill the guys …..uhhh proton pack. I like what I have seen so far and look forward to finally getting caught up.

IDW also published 30 Days of Night( the book that started them on a great path of becoming an amazing publisher. Transformers, My Little Pony!!!, Star Trek GI Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, (honestly my favorite comic form the company its that good.)  the Crow, and sooooo many others. They just ended Locke and Key which was massivly successful for the company. We gave away some X-Files goodies and Godzilla comics as well,  thanks to our contact NATE and we look forward to see what is coming next from IDW.

Transylvania Trips, Comic Con, and Horror Directors.

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Tonight on the show we have Charles Rosenay who I have had a tough time trying to get on my show but now with me planning a trip to ROMANIA to take the Dracula Tour NEXT October, I thought it be a good time to have the director of the trip on the show in time for Halloween. Then we have the head honcho and owner of Double Midnight Comics on the show with us. Then  Director Phillips Thomas of a small indie Horror movie from Anchor Bay on late to night talking about his movie Sanctuary, a rather grusome horror thriller. Pam and I will also discuss the up coming season of Supernatural and Sons of Anarchy and the new movie we just watched Paranormal Diaries: Clophill, from Image Entertainment.

Bad movies Good Art

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On the show tonight from one of the worst and most disgusting Horror movies to come out, Septic Man’s Robert Maillet, then from a recorded interview done at the Boston Comic Con, 30 Days of Night and Squiddler Artist Ben Templesmith. Pam and I also talk about Under the DUMB(dome) and The Strain and the end of True Blood. I also finally got the HALLOWEEN soundtrack in on VINAL YAHHHHH we might play a track or two.


IDW and Zenescope

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TONIGHT on the show the comic book coverage continues as we have reps from both Zenescope Entertainment and IDW Publishing on the show with us talking about Grimm Fairy Tales and X-files and more V Wars coverage btw did I forget to mention I am writing V Wars the Book vol 3 next year. Pat Shand writer of many Zenescope books comes on with us and Nate from IDw talks many good things about the company.



Ghost Rider

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Ever read the original comics I am shocked these got published back in the Bronze age of comics mid 70s-80s.

The original story ran for 81 issues during the resurgence of Horror comics in the 70s. The ban by the fucked up and stupid as shit comic code authority had lifted its horror problem and Tomb of Dracula Werewolf by Night and many others got their own book.
Ghost Rider aka Johnny Blaze was the original. If you read Thunderbolts he’s GR again there is also a car driving rider but I have not picked up that book.
Jim shooter was the editor on the book and had a rotating case of people working on it.
The book was filled with GR fighting demons monsters and a lot of devil worshippers and Satan cults and freaks. This book was DARK REALLY FUCKED UP AND MORBID at times. Makes you wonder why the movies staring Nic Cage were not more dark than they were. They had the devil theme and grave yards but a satanic cult would have added a bit more to the story.

Other Marvel heroes showed up and GR even joined the Champions a short lived team of west coast heroes led by Angel from the X-Men. Karen Page former DareDevil girl friend had her Hollywood carear in Ghost Rider till it bottomed out and she became a whore and drug addict.
As the series went on it got darker and Ghost Rider got meaner. John was trying to free his soul from Mephisto and even learns who the demon with in him is. Zarathos a vengeance demon. Hence the title Spirit of Vengeance. After the book was cancelled John would return in vol 2 in 1990 learning he had a brother Danny Ketch and Dan would be come the new Ghost Rider this time with a more darker biker look. This was used for Cages costume in the film.
Ghost Rider is currently part of the Thunderbolts let’s by The Red Hulk and can be seen every month in that book by Marvel.


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