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All day coverage of Chris Denmead’s DRACULA and Universl Studios DRACULA UNTOLD my kickstarter can be found here


And here is s great piece of art work by artist Aaron White for my film,

Also I just picked up these great books at the library could not pass them up


We are also giving away major Dracula prizes in Millbury at Black stone Valley tonight


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On long last my gender Swap Dracula Kickstarter has started

Please share and repost and contribute


Alien Isolation

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Holy mother of God
First thing make sure you have room on your hard drive for this game I had to download some major software into my Xbox 360, and now I have no more room in time and space.

I didn’t play much if the major campaign as I wanted to jump right into the extra bonus material staring Sigourney Weaver who comes back to play Ellen Ripley. Yahhhhh

The main game starts with Ripley doing a voice over about the events in the movie Alien. This btw is not taken from the movie but actually recorded this year by Weaver herself. In fact all the cast members come back.
With the exception of Yahto aka Parker as he has passed away.


When the alien comes it’s scary I played this in the Dark and wowowow I scares the crap out of my self.
You do get the flame thrower right away but you use so much fuel quickly and if the Alien attacks you from behind YOUR DEAD. Sorry bye bye now. A frontal attack you cHoose dodge but still take some damage.
This game is Hard just warning you.
A horror survival game really living up to the words Horror Survival.
I can’t wait till next week when the Evil Within comes out and we can see if it’s as scary as this.

Artists and Directors

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Tonight on the show we have Rich Clabaugh on the show with us the writer and artist on The Grave yard Gang a color full monster comic for kid Horror fans. If you liked the most recent movie Box Trolls check out this book here

The later on from image Entertainment we have the directors of Paranormal Diaries:ClopHill and The Devil’s Advocate

I will be playing the music form Helloween tonight and Pam and I will talk about Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural and Alien, as this Tuesday on all consoles (except the WiiU cuz Microsoft and Sony does what NINTENDONT) Alien Isolation comes out.


Movie Review: Grave Halloween (2013)

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Pam reviews this syfy channel J Horror wanna be

Originally posted on timewantsaskeleton:

This film market itself as “J-Horror” despite the fact that it is a SyFy Original and has a predominantly white cast (even though it is set in Japan, which is another topic entirely). The main character, Maiko (Kaitlyn Leeb, who has set herself to be a big time B-Horror babe with roles in Wrong Turn 4, the three-breasted woman in Total Recall, upcoming film Wolves and a recurring role on “Bitten”) sets a college thesis project with classmates at her college in Japan (full of white people) to find where her mother committed suicide and perform an exorcism. This will be filmed. And she intends to perform an exorcism. Their journey lead them into the famous “Suicide Forest”


We start out with vague dreams and memories from Maiko’s youth, she is on a swing and her mother turns into… pretty much the girl from The Ring. Or The Grudge.

View original 251 more words

Dracula Untold

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Next week we get another version of the Dark Prince. Will it suck or be as cool as my Gender Swap Draculs movie I am launching. We will have a big give away coming up for all this swag.


The Dead,The Trolls, and The Wolves

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Tonight on the show we have the Ford Brothers from the DEAD 2 INDIA and the star of their movie as well. We also have the director of Autumn Blood on the show with us. Well talk about the new movies Box Trolls, and Halloween Grave, and Werewolf Rising. Well play the music from Halloween 2 in honor of the new Box set that came out this past Tuesday


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