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IDW and Zenescope

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TONIGHT on the show the comic book coverage continues as we have reps from both Zenescope Entertainment and IDW Publishing on the show with us talking about Grimm Fairy Tales and X-files and more V Wars coverage btw did I forget to mention I am writing V Wars the Book vol 3 next year. Pat Shand writer of many Zenescope books comes on with us and Nate from IDw talks many good things about the company.



Mini Horror Reviews

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Jersey Shore Massacre
Created by Jwow who also did Jersey Shore Shark Attack tries once again to make horror gold, this is as bad as it gets for the state of  New Jersey. People complained about Kevin Smith’s films yikes this makes people from Jersey seem more like air heads than the MTV series.
Nothing really worth talking about its bland boring and really dumb. The only true Horror is that Jwow is aloud to make movies. Why is this happening it makes no sence. Worst film maker ever since Ed Wood and Michael Bay’s TMNT. Actually TMNT was better than this garbage.

A great sci-fi thriller staring Scarlett Johansan and Morgan Freeman. Proving she is ready for a solo Black Widow movie from Marvel Studios. A woman is forced to transport drugs and they break open giving her 100% of her brain power, essentially making her a God. This film was really well received and had lot.of great Sci-fi images of a driven woman to kick ass. Lucy had this drive thru the whole movie and never really thought the film lost steam at any point. I had to see it mainly because I am huge Scarlett Johansan fan and I thought Under the SKin despite the fact we get to see her Naked was boring as Hell.

The Midnight Game
New Decent flick from Anchor Bay 5 friends mess around with crap they are not suppose to very akin to Cabin in the Woods and bad shit happens. They see dead people and try to kill each other. Only problem I had with this movie was the amount of super pretty people in the movie was a little off putting. Change it up a bit and show us more of the monster him self The Midnight Man. I did think it was a bit of a rip off of Blair Witch 2 Book of Shadows but I am just nit picking.

Agency of Vengeance: Dark Rising
Synopsis: When the “Rising Dark Agency,” a black ops division of the Government headed by Colonel Haggerd (Michael Ironside), suspects that a sudden surge of supernatural activity and violent attacks on Earth are the work of an evil Demon-God capable of destroying worlds, it must call upon the services of super soldier Summer Vale (Brigitte Kingsley) to solve the mystery and prevent the coming apocalypse. But no one is prepared for who and what they find behind these attacks. When the Dark Rises… Bring out the Big Guns!


This sounds really cool but this movie had only one thing to say about it positively Great cinematography other wise yuck Michael Ironside you can do soo much better you were just Ultra Magnus on Transformers Prime

Boston Comic Con

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Pam and I will be at the Boston Comic Con Sunday the show will be in Sunday night. We are giving away copies of V Wars and interviewing people when we can.
It started today head over to the Seaport world Trade center to check it out. Lots of great artist and writers from your favorite comics will be there.

Guardians of the Galaxy’s connection to the Horror Industry

Posted in aliens, Comic Books, news, SciFi on August 5, 2014 by chrisdsav

Bradley Cooper’s first movie was The Midnight Meat Train. A highly underrated Horror movie from the mind of Clive Barker based on his short story from the Books of Blood vol 1 (It co stared Connie Jones who played Juggernaut in X-Men 3) . Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gun made several low budget Horror movies till SLITHER (Yondu from GotG Michael Rooker stars in the film as the villain. Mike just got done with The Walking Dead) made him a bigger director.
Every thing has a horror connection

Comic Con and V wars Author John Maberry

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Tonight on the show its all comics. We have Nick one if the heads for the Boston Comic Con on the show. Well talk about all the great guests and artists Like James Marsters from Buffy and Angel and Scott Snyder from American Vampire and Batman . Then we have V Wars author John Maberry he is working on a comic about his hit book and a upcoming comic on Rot and Ruin. We will also be playing the sound track for Guardians of the Galaxy.



Make up Artist Jordan Pacheco

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On the show tonight at midnight, special effects makeup artist Jordan Pacheco, Pam and I talk about Hemlock Grove, True Blood and the Strain, and The Purge Anarchy, and some interesting new music may be played on the air, by the band Sudden Chillers.
Check out his IMDB for more info on this up and coming artist.

Alien novelizations

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Alan Dean Foster the author has written more book adaptations of screen plays than any other author I can think of.
We could go thru the list but it would fill so many pages
If you want the full list go here

One set sent to me by Titan Books is the ALIEN books mainly films 1-3 all black with sleek covers, ALIEN is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. Lots of companies are getting behind the anniversary and their is a new video game coming out in Oct.

Alan works from the original scripts and published the novel before the movie ALIEN came out. Now this is usually done to drum up interest in the film it self.
A lot of the time you get extra cool bits of info the author may make up about the characters to help flesh them out more or its some scene in the script that got cut form the movie it self.
Its rare you see reissues of books based on movies ALIEN happens to be that kind of GREAT franchise to warrant such a treatment.

Last year I got the Graphic Novel of ALIEN re-released to me from Titan books by Archie Goodwin and Walter Simonson. The original festches big bucks on ebay.


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