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Godzilla Retrospective Part 2

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Part 2 of my coverage of the best Godzilla movies leading up to the May release of the new film.


Posted in entertainment, Monsters, movies, SciFi on April 12, 2014 by chrisdsav

Check out the first part of my Godzilla Retrospective. This is the first Godzilla movie to come out in theaters while Radio of Horror is on the air so expect A LOT OF COVERAGE thru out the year. First up Destroy all Monsters (my son’s favorite Godzilla movie) and Godzilla Final War. 


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Cant wait till GODZILLA in May, how about a giant sea monster movie staring Brian Krause (Leo from Charmed) and the smoking hott Anne McDaniels. Five mins into the thing I was the worst CGI for a MOVIE ever , for a video game it was top notch. Not every film can be a winner. The poster looked cool. What I don’t understand tho is the Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park 21 years ago still hold up today. The performances were ok, the CGI was just bad bad bad. I like Brian tho and hope to have him on the show soon, I was a big fan of his character from Charmed. Cinematography was really good, and that’s where a lot of these sci fi monster movies shine. Just put more effort into the CGI. OR how about NO CGI your making a fucking MONSTER MOVIE go crazy cut a actor or two and spend the money on a rubber monster something real and silly, I would rather have that than BAD CGI.  

A small, secluded island off the coast of Belize suddenly finds itself terrorized by a deadly predator from the planet’s distant past, when deep-sea divers accidentally awaken an ancient evil. Jackson Slate and his team of underwater cave explorers unearth much more than long-lost Mayan treasure while plumbing the depths of a world famous blue hole. They disturb a creature that’s been hibernating for over 60,000 years – a rampaging behemoth of death and destruction not only at sea but also on land.


Director Bert I Gordon take 2

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Tonight on the show we have the Director Bert I Gordon aka Mr.Big we had some problems playing this a few weeks ago but got it fixed now. We will also have the record players working again so hopefully I can get the Tales from the Dark Side music to play correctly and Pam and I talk about The Machine and Bates Motel and From Dusk Till Dawn and other Horror/sci-fi shows. We also talk about our new Youtube channel



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200 followers and 33,000 visitors to this site. Thanks to everyone who has helped and checked out Radio of Horror on 91.3 FM WCUW.

Radio of Horror Channel

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We took our interviews and created a channel on you tube to listen to old interviews for an archive we will have 100 posted by June when we go to Terror con stay tuned, for now check us out there, thanks to Pam for setting it up.

Directors Lloyd Kaufman and Bert I Gordon

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Tonight on the show we do the classic director thing, Mr.Big and Lloyd are both from the shlock and weird sci fi Horror catagories of film directors. Llyod just did Return to Nuke em High vol 1. Lloyd will also be in Guardians of the Galaxy another actor tho who cant talk about it untill it arrives in theaters. Bert has a new movie coming out something this year.
We also discuss Bates Motel S2, Hannibal S2, and the premier of From Dusk Till Dawn the series.
lk big


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I hated this movie here is my review about why 
Still playing in Leominster Ma and Blackstone Valley Cinema 14 in Millbury MA.

Cosplayers, GROOT, and Lindsey style Music

Posted in Comic Books, music, SciFi, vampires, Video Games, websites on February 24, 2014 by chrisdsav

Tonight on the show Kelton a cosplayer who has been working on a lot of cool Castlevania stuff is coming on the show tonight to talk about the new Castlevania which arrives this TUESDAY. We also have from Planet X and apearing in the new Gurdians of the Galaxy, GROOT. We will be laying the music from a pair of Lindsey msuic girls one is Lindsey Stirling and the other Lindsey Grace from Lancaster MA, a local girl. Pam and I also talk comics tv and POMPEII.



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ImageFox put out a press release about the 35 Anniversary of ALIEN, New toys video games books novels comics, They are GOING SUPER ALIEN CRAZY this year. Makes you wonder what will happen in 15 years during the 50th Anniversary.



From the Press Release 35 years later, fans are still “screaming” in space as Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products celebrates the 35th anniversary of the groundbreaking film ALIEN, one of the most enduring sci-fi horror franchises of all time, with multiple iconic partners for exclusive branded merchandise available worldwide.

National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA), an entertainment conglomerate and global leader in licensed consumer goods, in association with Fox Consumer Products, announces today the first-ever action figures of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley that feature the likeness of actress Sigourney Weaver, who was nominated for an Oscar® and Golden Globe® for ALIENS in 1987. The officially licensed Ripley action figures from NECA will span multiple movies within the ALIEN saga: Initial plans include a figure of Ripley in her Nostromo jumpsuit from the original 1979 film, to be followed later by a Ripley figure based on the 1986 movie ALIENS, directed by James Cameron.

“As we celebrate the 35th anniversary of one of the most successful film franchises of all time,  we are thrilled to introduce an array of commemorative products across different categories in partnership with iconic brands including NECA, SEGA, and many more,” said Jeffrey Godsick, president of Fox Consumer Products. “In addition to the highly anticipated release of Alien: Isolation™, hardcore fans can finally add Lieutenant Ellen Ripley to their ALIEN collections as we welcome her NECA figures into the family of officially-licensed merchandise. Many other exciting first-time and limited edition products will also release to celebrate this exciting milestone this year.”

Prominent partners participating in the ALIEN global anniversary campaign include:

  • Bandai – Bandai’s premium collectors label “Tamashii Nations” will release super-articulated S.H.MonsterArts figures featuring diecast material. S.H.MonsterArts ALIEN Big Chap will be available May 2014.
  • Dark Horse Comics – A new comics program will debut later this year which includes Alien, Prometheus, Predator, and Aliens vs. Predator.
  • Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles – New collectibles including MiniMates block figures, vinyl banks, bottle openers, and a reproduction of the original 18-inch Alien figure, available this summer/fall.
  • Insight Editions will produce a highly-illustrated and a detailed guidebook to the Alien creature.
  • NECA – Figures, board games, bobbleheads, plushes, and toys will hit major retail stores beginning in March 2014. Prototypes of the Ripley figures will debut later this summer at San Diego Comic-Con.
  • SEGA – The highly anticipated first-person survival horror game Alien: Isolation will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC in late 2014.


  • Sideshow Collectibles – High end, limited edition Alien franchise products, including an immense bust of the Big Chap Alien design, available for pre-order in April 2014! Check out for Alien Franchise products, and more!
  • Super7 x Funko – Glasses and retro ReAction Figures currently available online.
  • Titan Books will release all-new canon fiction novels based on the film franchise, followed by a 35th anniversary retrospective called “ALIEN: Archives,” which will be the most comprehensive book ever created about the ALIEN franchise with new exclusive interviews with Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver and content that has never been released.
  • Other partners include Hollywood Collectibles for highly-detailed prop replicas, Upper Deck for an all-new collectible card game, Hallmark for ornaments, Square Enix for Aliens: Colonial Marines Play Arts KAI action figures, Titan Merchandise for stylized mini vinyl figurines, Rizzoli for wall calendars, and Rubie’s Costume Company for amazingly detailed Halloween costumes in addition to even more partners with apparel and additional collectible merchandise to be released throughout the year.




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Finally here! Just in time for Toy Fair 2014, we have your first look at the official LEGO Ghostbusters set, and it is pretty amazing. This is fantastic if you bought the Lego Monster set and now you can have the two interact. Lego are very expensive but this is one set I am definitely picking up. They have Lord of the Rings and Marvel and DC and TMNT and a MONSTER sets what not Freddy and Jason and Michael. They have the some bloody body count as the monsters do and they made Lego’s out of the villains from Marvel and DC comics, are you really going to tell me Carnage, Dr.Doom, The Green Goblin, Dark Side and even The Shredder don’t have a huge body count??

The line was original conceived by fan Brent Waller.

We’re thrilled to take the ECTO-1 and minifigure characters from Brent Waller’s Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary project…” said the company in a prior press release. “This is an amazing model, and the set will be a fantastic representation of the cult classic film.

The LEGO Ghostbusters will make their debut in early June. Fans will have the chance to build brick versions of Ecto-1, the ghost-fighting team’s classic vehicle, and play with minifigure versions of Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore.

Lego Ghostbusters

Lego Ghostbusters

Geeks Authors and Music

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Tonight on the show…O YEAH we did not go to the Boston Sci-fi Thon like we planned personal matters came up for both me and Pam. SO we are having a show tonight, on 91.3 fm.
On the show is Samuel Chase creator of Epic TV Saga a show for geeks and geeks alike.

We also have Author A.K. Kuykendall he is the creator of The Writer’s Block Trilogy.


We will also be talking tv the new ROBOCOP (itsucked) and playing the music from Strange G. Hayton Nocturnal


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Tonight at Leominster Ma we are showing the Princess Bride at midnight, Happy Valentines Day to all. 



Sunday night Pam and not be on the air as we will be at the 39th Annual Sc-fi Thon, Davis Square Cinema in Somerville MA. They always start the thon with Duck Dogers in the 21st and half century.


Here is a list of the movies coming up for The Thon.



5:05p Contest #1
8:40p Q&A with screenwriter Philip Gelatt
10:35p Aluminum Hat Contest
12:30a Dancing with the Quarks Contest

Mark Jones, Mercedes M. Yardley, Temple Con

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Tonight on the show we have a full house. The director of Billy Zane’s new movie Scorned and the horror comedy Leprechaun( as well as writer of 2,3,4,5 and 6) Mark Jones at 1215am est.
Then a little later Pamela Isley my co host interviews BEAUTIFUL SORROWS author Mercedes M. Yardley.
Then late tonight we have one of the heads of the RI Gaming convention Temple Con on the show with us. This convention is next weekend in Warwick RI. We will also discuss weird and wacky things like the return of The Walking Dead next weekend and From Dusk till Dawn the Series. We are going to be at The Terror Con and THE GRIMM actor himself was just annocued as a guest So I will geek out about that too.



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Arisia is here again the big sci fi Horror  Fantacy multi bunch of other stuff Convention. Its from Friday till Monday. I wont be hosting Radio of Horror Monday my co hosy Pamela Isley will.

I will be on panels such as
Friday 10pm
Sat 1130am
Sat 11pm
Sun 1100am
Mon 100pm

Next week on the show we cover LVL Up Expo.

The Post-Meridian Radio Players and Sam Jones

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Tonight on the show we have the gals who will be doing the Gender Swap Trouble with Tribbles play at Arisia next weekend. They basically take the male roles and replace them with females. The Carol Burnett show did this once before many years ago. This wil be a bit more serious lol. Then we will have a 5 min interview with Sam Jones aka FLASH GORDON. I met him at the RI Comic Con. Pam and I will be at Arisia.


Classic Cinema, Trauma FIlms and Vampires.

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ImageTonight new GRIMM AND DRACULA, but if your in the in Leominster MA we step away from Horror which is fine as tomorrow its my VAMPIRE THE MASQURADE NIGHT followed by a chance to meet Llyod Kaufman the creator of Trauma Films at the Coolodge Corner Theater.


At 12 midnight prizes will be given away and thanks for the help from Out Back Steak House


Alien: Isolation

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Sega has a new Alien game coming out but after AvsP and Alien Colonial Marines were not what we expected can this new development team give us a great Alien game. it takes place 15 year after the first movie before the events of ALIENS.

The game’s story picks up 15 years after first film. The Nostromo’s flight recorder was recovered, after Ripley blew the ship up, and has been brought to a past-its-prime space station out on the fringe of human expansion. You play as Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, who is still wondering what happened to her mother. Amanda and a team from the series’ mega corporation Weyland Yutani travel to the station to retrieve the flight recorder and get some answers.




Overcome an ever-present deadly threat

Experience persistent fear as a truly dynamic and reactive Alien uses its senses to hunt you down and respond to your every move.

Improvise to survive

Hack systems, scavenge for vital resources and craft items to deal with each situation. Will you evade your enemies, distract them or face them head on?

Explore a world of mystery and betrayal

Immerse yourself in the detailed setting of Sevastopol, a decommissioned trading station on the fringes of space. Encounter a rich cast of inhabitants in a world scarred by fear and mistrust.


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Just hit 30,000 visitors since the blog launched July 2009. There have been 745 posts I have made to the blog. Happy New Year to every one who has made Radio of Horror have a great 2013. We have 150 followers to the blog now as well. The number of people who hit the blog to learn about the show is more impressive to me as this shows the traffic is very good. Not every one wants email updates about a blog and I can respect their privacy. The show covers a wide range of topics and sometimes not all of them horror. Links above can show you what else we cover.

Here is to 2014 hopefully being better than 2013


Thanks also to my co host Pamela Isley check her blog out at

Animator Ralph Bakshi and The Christmas Show

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Tonight on Radio of Horror we have the legendary animator Ralph Bakshi (Wizards, Fire and Ice, Coolworld,) on the show with us. He will be talking about old projects new project The Last Days of Coney Island  and just really giving us a great interview. Thru out the night Pam and I will be playing music from a sorted Xmas songs and doing a gift exchange. It was her Birthday on Wed so wish her a Happy Birthday on her page.




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