Vampires Galore

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Tonight on the show we have Actress Jordan Trovillion from her new Vampire Movie, then we haver Author Traci Bribery who wrote The Vampire Memories

Music Tonight will be from Various Vampire Films to accompany it

Actors and Actresses

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Tonight on the show Emily Sweet from Castle Freak and several other great horror thriller movies, then from the movie Dead Air Kevin Hick and Vicki Hicks . music tonight will be from the 1999 movie SLEEPY HOLLOW. Show starts at 10pm est


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Tonight on the show we have Photographer Jeremy Saffer on with us to discuss his book DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS a collection of nude Metal goth Models. Followed one of the models in the book Author/Actress Joanna Angel who is also promoting a book CLUB 42 a Choose your own adventure erotic fiction novel. Music tonight will be from Various Awesome kickass Metal Bands.

Christine Nguyen

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Interviews will be placed here or the you tube channel going forward. If you missed her on the show a month ago check it out now my interview with Actress/Model/ Chef Christine Nguyen

No Show Tonight

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Each year I always have one or two weekends off from the show cuz of weather or conventions or the pandemic, tonight is no exception, we have heavy snow fall happening in New England but fear not we have a cool review to share with you from Cati the Blonde in Front of Fear


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Encompassing many elements relating to issues happening in today’s world, the Grindhouse-style piece tells of a mysterious virus, plague, and pharmaceutical drug conspiracy that erupts over a city causing a pandemic. In the midst of the chaos, a mentally deranged maniac seeks to fulfill continuous addiction and vengeful murder, despite the imminent demise of society happening around him. The story leads to a family being destroyed leaving an abandoned little girl to save her baby sister

Living Dead Girl Band

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Tonight the music and Guest is MOLLY RENNICK lead singer and model of Living Dead Girl. She is a model on her site and Only Fans as well as Daughters of Darkness a book of Erotic Artistic nude photographs by Jeremy Saffer whos our gust nest week. Music will also be from the second half of the Forever Knight Soundtrack we started playing last week. Interview plays at 1030pm est

New Games Coming Soon

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First up

Turrican Flashback

ININ Games will release on January 29th both the physical boxed and digitally eagerly anticipated and legendary Turrican collection – Turrican Flashback on Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation4.

Developed by legends in the video game industry and remastered by lifelong fans, Turrican’s long awaited return to the market is finally here with a prestigious and carefully selected collection of some of the most amazing titles. The endless exploration and challenge of the classic Turrican 1 & 2 explodes alongside the arcade perfection of Super Turrican and Mega Turrican in Turrican Flashback, bringing you 4 of action gaming’s finest examples of the genre.

Released originally on the classic home computer system, The Commodore Amiga, followed by sequels on Super Nintendo and Mega Drive, these remasters bring brand new elements to the tried and true formula offering both old and new fans something unique for this edition. Play tested and tailored by lifelong Turrican fans from across Europe, the new control scheme makes each Turrican game intuitive and easily accessible for all players as each button and command corresponds to action, and allows for even more precise shots and jumps than ever before. 

For those who miss the scanlines and curvatures of retro monitors, Turrican Flashback is not just a travel through time in terms of the games, but even the presentation! Use one of the best CRT shaders in the industry and customize your display to bring the action as close to the way you remember it looking on your nostalgic monitor, or opt for the new dynamic pixel perfect display which allows you to minimize the on screen icons and focus entirely on the gorgeous in-game graphics which still stands the test of time!


Werewolf The Apocalypses the Video Game



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Space Invaders is a Japanese shooting video game released in 1978 by Taito. It was developed by Tomohiro Nishikado, who was inspired by other media: Breakout, The War of the Worlds, and Star Wars, and its been redone and redone various times but this is the first time I can say in years I REALLY could not stop playing the game. Maybe its the music or the way the fluid controls feel when I’m playing it. ( only on PS4 I assume it feels the same on other consoles.) The following games are part of the Space Invader Forever Collection:
• Space Invaders Extreme
• Space Invaders Gigamax 4 SE
• Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders

Each one has its own amazing unique brand of vibrant visuals and a pulsing soundtrack. As a guy in the music industry for the last 13 years a sound track to a video game can really make you feel part of the game and this does it amazingly well. One part of the game has a very anime style feel to it and I was not a big fan of that mixture but SI EXTREME made me feel like it was the 90s again. Since I CANT and YOU SHOULD NOT go to arcades right now during the Pandemic order a copy fo this immersive experience today, Link below I’m curious if Hollywood would pay attention to this version of the game if they ever got that SI movie going only time will tell.

Journalists Episode

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Tonight on the show we have Nathan Hanneman Editor and Chief of HORROR HOUND magazine, he comes on to talk about his super successful Kickstarter Halftone Horrors a History Horror movie Comics Magazine, then we have Geek Pop culture Journalist/ Film maker/model Kari Lane on the show with us, music tonight will be from Forever Night Season 2

TMNT Soundtrack

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One of the best vinyl records I ever got is the TMNT soundtrack

It has a great mix of happy to down right dressing music. Shredder score is one of the best in cinema and really sets the mood for this classic comic book Villian. I can hear the score and picture the film scene in my head. This is the first time it’s ever been released on any format. Most of the time you would find a bootleg on cd as the soundtrack with songs from the movie were put on cd but never the score by John Duprez.

Does the score make you feel like getting some Pizza and kicking ass as a Ninja Sure. The front back and interior art is all by TMNT co creator Kevin Eastman. As well as the Poster that comes inside.

One record in each set is green and the other blue red purple or orange to represent one of the four turtles.

This is sold out and got for 100$ or more on eBay and other sites

Christine Nguyen

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Tonight on the show we have Actress Christine Nguyen, an amazing and talented actress from a variety of horror and sci-fi movies check out her IMDB below. Music tonight will be from Sleepy Hollow.

Julie Strain RIP

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Best know for her modeling work and in the Animated film Heavy Metal and the cover model for Vampirella comics model Julie Strain has passed away. She worked with director Jim Wynorski several times and was married to TMNT creator Kevin Eastman for several years.

It been revealed by her long time partner she died of complications with Dementia.

MA Horror Author

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Tonight on the show we have Boston based Horror Writer Raven Belasco on the show with us and to accompany her I thought we play a cd we not played in a long time the soundtrack to the 90s Vampire Cop Drama Forever Knight

NEW Interviews

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Happy New Year and in 2021 here are some interviews you may have missed in 2020

Director Patrick Lussier

Author Steve Van Samson

 Stars of The Last Starfighter

Writer Producer Jeffrey Reddick

Directors and Composers

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Tonight on the show we have Director Adam Marcus back on to talk about his movie Secret Santa and an Update on the Jason Goes to Hell Documentary THEN after having to post pone it from last week cuz of a deleted file we have Composer Jason Graves from the Dead Space Video games The Dark Pictures: Little Hope  Magnum PI (current) and the Current Tomb Raider franchise. Music tonight will be from his amazing body of Work thru out the evening.

Film and Video Game Soundtracks

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Tonight on the show we have a composer on with us. Jason Graves from the Dead Space Video games The Dark Pictures: Little Hope  Magnum PI (current) and the Current Tomb Raider franchise. Music tonight will be from his amazing body of Work thru out the evening. The show will start at 1030pm est tonight due to new Covid 19 restrictions put in place by the station. I don’t know folks complain to him.

The Last Starfighter

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Tonight on the show is LANCE GUEST from The Last Star Fighter and at the end of the show we have a special guest surprise for Lance, IM beyond excited for this interview. The music tonight will be from TLS and DIE HARD cuz it is a Christmas movie.

Authors and Actresses

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Tonight on the show we have Author Steve Van Samson(Author and Parasitic Podcaster) to talk about his upcoming Fantasy Novel Mark of the Witchwyrm and then from the new horror show L.A Macabre we have Actress Ryan Bartley also known for her voice over work in alot of animation most specifically Neon Genesis Evangelion playing Rei Ayanami. Music tonight will be from the entire Nightmare before Xmas Soundtrack and Batman Returns. at 10pm est

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