Tardis Sneakers

Posted in SciFi on May 27, 2015 by chrisdsav

I’m just going to leaves these right here for you to stare I awesome at.


Hobbit Actor

Posted in directors, Fantasy, music, SciFi on May 24, 2015 by chrisdsav

Tonight on the show we have from The HOBBIT TRILOGY Bifur the Dwarf William Kircher,(he also played the voice of Tom the Troll) then we have a sit down chit chat with my buddy Director Mark Lund, I will be playing the music from ALIEN on vinyl tonight, composed by Jerry Goldsmith.

Mark will be in the studio with me early in the evening to talk about The Andromeda Strain and record a fan commentary as part of my Film Dungeon Commentary project. In two weeks I will be sitting down with Nick Principe for Fright Night.

Dr.Chris Record Spotlight

Posted in aliens, movies, music, sci-fi on May 22, 2015 by chrisdsav

Once a week or month I will spot light a record from my collection.
Tonight we spotlight the ALIEN soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmithx composed by Lional Newman.
A creepy ominous score that really mirrors this great sci fi/horror classic. With out The music I don’t think it would have been as creepy at certain times during this movie.
It really enhances how scared you can get.


This record I just got on eBay. Loce collecting vynal.
The music was performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra.

Godzilla Law suit

Posted in Japan, Kaiju, Monsters on May 20, 2015 by chrisdsav

Anne Hathaway got her self into a monster movie. Thats cool but it’s a complete rip off of Godzilla. In fact it IS GODZILLA.

The movie Colossal is Godzilla meets another giant this time a robot from a anime toon.
Article below


Drownsman stars

Posted in directors, Horror Movies, Interviews on May 17, 2015 by chrisdsav

Tonight on the show from the new movie The Drowsman we have the Director Chad Archibald on the show with us.
We also have one of his stars from the movie, Caroline Palmer
I fly solo again tonight but will be playing the music from Castlevania Lord of Shadows 2. I also discuss the upcoming Poltergeist movie remake.


The Evil Within The Assignment

Posted in entertainment, Japan, Monsters, Video Games on May 16, 2015 by chrisdsav

Been a couple weeks since I did a Saturday game review and we come back this time with a return to one of my favorite more recent survival horror games.
New DLC content arrived for The Evil Within and its kind of what fans were hoping for from the get go with this new game from Bethesda games.
This time you play as Julie Kidman the third person !aim character seen throughout the main game. At the end of the main story you learn she was involved with a shadowy organization controlling the bad guy Leslie and his alternate personality Ruvik.
Kidman’s story runs parallel with the main game thru the Assignment.
You are given very little in the way of weapons and can only attack some thing in chapter two by sneaking up behind a creature with an Axe. One of the new enemies introduced is The Spotlight a shrieking arm bound or arm less (its hard to tell in the dark) when she shines her light on you comes charging after you looking to kill you.

The game has a duck and cover feel depending more on survival and less on shooting and killing an enemy. You don’t know when a grotesque horror will pop out and try to chop you up.

Other enemies all appear too be from the main story and you have to fight Joseph who has been posted by Ruvik. You get clues to Julies past and bits of prices of the main mystery.
This is one of three DLC chapters I will be reviewing. Expect the second two to come in a few weeks.


Upcoming Horror Movies

Posted in ghosts, Horror Movies, news on May 12, 2015 by chrisdsav

Lots of Horror movies coming out over the next several months here is a list of some of them.


Good lord we have a lot of theses kinds of movies coming out this year. The movie American is not too be confused with another film called American Poltergeist. Here is alink its made by former guest of the show Jordan Pacheco and David Langill (who I just made a short film with as part of the 48 Hour Film Fest, called A Mummy Among Us.)
David’s skills have impressed me so far on my own movie I am positive he made a great spooky movie filmed in my neck of the woods of New England.



Then we have the remake film staring Sam Rockwell. This looks very creepy but we will have to wait till May 22nd to find out if we needed a remake of the masterpiece by Steven Spielberg and Toby Hooper.
Then we have the last one a direct to dvd movie which could be good or bad.



DIRECTOR: Stephen McKendree
WRITER: Kimberly Britt and R. Presley Stephens
CAST: Marina Petrano, Christopher Ingle, Rhea Rossiterm Weston Adwell, Nicholas Barrera, Jason Beck, and Rebecca Barrow Hall
SYNOPSIS: On a night of carefree teenage partying in the woods, Paige Pritchard unwittingly sets in motion a chain of events that will plunge her into a waking nightmare. Tormented by terrifying and increasingly violent supernatural visitations, Paige starts digging into the past and uncovers a sinister secret, buried for decades. Behind the deadly force that now haunts her is a malevolent entity of unspeakable evil. As its power grows and her friends fall prey to its savagery, can she – or anyone – stop The Poltergeist of Borley Forest?
DISTRIBUTOR: RLJE/Image Entertainment


DIRECTOR: LazRael Lison
WRITER: LazRael Lison
CAST: Tom Sizemore, Judd Nelson, Nicholle Tom, and Hal Ozsan
SYNOPSIS: A series of sinister phone calls haunt an ex-alcoholic writer as he struggles to finish a novel. Efforts to trace calls result in dead ends, leaving the author with no choice but to solve the mystery himself. As he pieces together scant information he discovers the local police are hiding details about a horrific serial killer. In his obsessive search for answers, he loses his grip on reality, and spirals downward into a maelstrom of violence and terror.
DISTRIBUTOR: ARC Entertainment


DIRECTOR: Andrew Gilbert
WRITER: Andrew Gilbert and Julian Hundy
CAST: Luke Hobson, Nicky Paul Barton, Roger Fowler, Samuel Hogarth, David Wayman
SYNOPSIS: An average day in a quiet suburb becomes ground zero for the end of the world that we knew. When a fast-spreading global pandemic turns ordinary people into flesh-eating monsters, a handful of terrified survivors and the remnants of an army squad find refuge in an elementary school turned emergency shelter. With the hordes of walking dead trying to get in, scarce weapons and a dwindling food supply, the embattled refugees begin to turn on each other. As they slowly perish, they desperately attempt to escape and determine if they are the last uninfected humans left on Earth.
DISTRIBUTOR: RLJE/Image Entertainment


DIRECTOR: David Hewlett
WRITER: David Hewlett
CAST: Jason Momoa, Jeananne Goossen, Adrian Holmes
SYNOPSIS: Deep space. Six young hackers on a grueling work release program attempt to clear out – debug – the computer systems of a massive derelict freighter. They quickly fall prey to the ship’s vengeful artificial intelligence, a program that would kill to be human. As the fractious team is forced to match wits with this rogue program, they discover that the ship holds a deadly secret, and a fate far worse than death.



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