Authors and Musicians

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Tonight on the show we have Author David J. Skal on the show with us talking about his newest book, David came on back in 2012 and I’m glad he is joining me again. Then releasing his 14th album this week the man who brought us THE TOUCH Stan Bush is on. We will be playing from movies David has done commentary on and music from Stan as well from his new album and from Transformers the Movie The Touch and Dare.

Also THANK YOU to everyone who funded my kickstarter and made it a success we hit our goal weeks ago and ended well above it.

Vlada last 70 Hours

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My Kickstarter for Vlada a Dracula Tale has 70 hours left on the campaign PLEASE GO AND PICK UP a copy of the book now if you have not done so yet. the main book is 20.00 or 10 for a digital copy, please help make the campaign a huge success

Woman in Horror Part 3DD

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Tonight another round of Woman in Horror this time with a second time guest this year Sarah French and her bf Joe Knetter writer and star of the new Horror Slasher Thriller BLIND now on Amazon Prime

Then from The vampire movie Girls Just want to Have Blood Amanda Renée

Also on the show for the tail end will be the Project Head behind Corridor Magazine

Music tonight will be from the Underworld Soundtrack and more

Artists and Writers

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TONIGHT on the show Legendary Artist Tim Vigil is on to talk about his career. He is also one of the cover artists for my kickstarter Vlada A Dracula Tale, Then from Vlad Dracul the new comic about the guy in history from Scout Comics we have MATTEO STRUKUL on the show

Music tonight is from the Vinyl soundtrack to the Twilight Zone movie.

Music tonight will be from The Twilight Zone SOundtrack on vinyl

Tim Vigil Art

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On the show this Sunday at long last is my interview with Tim Vigil In the meantime please check out my Tim Vigil Cover in my campaign for Vlada a Dracula tale this is a Black and white Variant of the one that sold out before. Please grab it now if you not had a chance before, this is a different variant than the one we originally offered and comes with a print of the first cover.

Grimms and X-files

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On the show tonight from the hit NBC show GRIMM which ran from 2011-2017 we have Actor Silas Weir Mitchel who played Blutblud Monroe on the show, then X-files COnfidential case book Writer Paul Terry, music tonight will be from The X-files and Grimm

Upcoming Guests

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Cuz of my leg Infection a bunch of guests have been pushed back now weeks but just to give you a heads up here is the list of upcoming guests

Artist Tim Vigil
Artist Ken Hunt
Writer Paul Terry
Writer Matteo Strukel
Director Vincenti Disanti
Actor Silas Weir Mitchell

No Show Tonight

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Have to head back to the ER tonight for the second round of Super Anti Biotics Juice, yaya me, well be back next week

Be sure to check out the new episode of The Dead Tv Podcast covering the War of the Worlds TV show and Pleas if u haven’t yet go to my Kickstarter and pick up a copy of that book.

Check out Vlada: A Dracula Tale by Chris Denmead on @Kickstarter ITS LIVE NOW

Vlada A Dracula Tale

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KICKSTARTER picked Vlada as a Project they love

Congratulations!We’re huge fans of your project and it’s now being featured as a Project We Love on Kickstarter. Check out Vlada: A Dracula Tale,

please consider grabbing a copy of the book or original art

Check out Vlada: A Dracula Tale by Chris Denmead on @Kickstarter ITS LIVE NOW

13th Anniversary Show

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Tonight I welcome you all to the 13th Anniversary of Dr.Chris Radio of Horror. This was launched many years ago this time on the 15th of Oct, but had to wait till today to celebrate it. On the show tonight we welcome back John J. York from WEREWOLF the Series and new comer to the show Director Patrick Lussier. Music tonight will be from Vinyl a new album I picked up.

Make up and Bonus Material

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Tonight on the show I dive behind the scenes of Hollywood First we have David C. Fein on the show talking about The upcoming release of The Last Star Fighter from Arrow Home Video as well as all the amazing bonus material he has worked on for box sets of dvds and blu-rays like ALIEN.

Then I have an interview with special effects make up artist Tom Irvin about his work on Halloween 6, Species and so much more.

Music tonight will be from the HALLOWEEN films as we lead into the holiday coming.

Vampires vs Radio of Horror

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On the show tonight we have from downtown Salem the owners and operators of Vamp Fangs Alexis and Benjamin, and then from the movie Hawk and Rev: Vampire Slayers Ryan Barton-GrimleyAri Schneider, A vampire Horror comedy in the vein of Tucker and Dale vs Evil.

Music tonight will kick off the Halloween season as we always do with Helloween’s famous song from Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1, Halloween, And music from various Vampire movies.

Interviews 10:30pm est


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WOOT I might upgrade the bluray but this is cool news I didn’t know was coming and you can get it now


  • Language: English, German, English SDH & English with German Subtitles
  • Runtime: 80 min.
  • Release Date: September 29, 2020
  • Extras: Visions of Hell: Hellscapes; Visions of Hell; Minions; Animating Lady Death; Director’s Commentary
  • Rating: TV-14 (L, S, V)
  • You Pay: $ 12.99 Retail: $ 19.98

In 15th-century Sweden, Hope, the beautiful daughter of Matthias – a skilled mercenary who is in actuality Lucifer, the Lord of Lies – is accused of being the devil’s consort following a hellish incident witnessed by local villagers.


[Movie] Theatrical Version

Blum House Horror Contest

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We have a contest to be part of a Virtual Event for the Blum House Amazon movies listed below. Both movies each date are at the same time and we can give away 5 free slots per movie. Each movie on their dated will begin at 930 pm est

All you have to do is email us which movie you want at and well pick winners asap

These events are FREE

The Lie & Black Box 10/5

Evil Eye & Nocturn 10/12

Comic Book Night

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Tonight on the show we have the legendary JM DeMatteis on the show with us from Kraven’s Last Hunt The Child Within and the new animated Deathstroke film. Then we have the Writer Cristiano Seixas of the new ALIEN Original Script comic on the show to talk about the current Dark Horse series. Music tonight will be from Friday the 13th The Final Chapter.

Interviews of 2020

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We have a lot of bad stuff in 2020 but I have had a lot of great interviews and want to share them with you guys now to check out in Case you missed them this year,




All the Indie Horror

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Tonight on the show we have Director Writer Jamielyn Lippman on the show to talk about her new movie Killer Weekend

Then also on with us is The Writer Producer Director James Di Martino of the Horror movie The Faceless Man


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Written and Directed by Brandon Cronenberg

Produced by Niv Fichman, Fraser Ash, Kevin Krikst and Andy Starke

Starring Andrea Riseborough, Christopher Abbott, Rossif Sutherland, Tuppence Middleton with Sean Bean and Jennifer Jason Leigh

From the visionary mind of writer/director Brandon Cronenberg, POSSESSOR is an arresting sci-fi thriller about elite, corporate assassin Tasya Vos. Using brain-implant technology, Vos takes control of other people’s bodies to execute high profile targets. As she sinks deeper into her latest assignment Vos becomes trapped inside a mind that threatens to obliterate her.

Steve Haberman

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Tonight on the show the man behind many of the bonus features you would find on the blu-rays from Scream Factory Steve Haberman. He was also the writer of Dracula Dead and Loving it. Music tonight will be from Friday the 13th PArt 2

History of Radio of Horror Part 3-D

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Oct 2008

Rock and Shock was over and Halloween was apon us, This was a slow start for the new year of the show. I almost considered changing the name of the show to something else as I wasnt sure who or if anyone was listening. Doing the show at midnight I know was taking its toll on my marriage.  Things really kicked into over drive for the show when I went to Arisia in January 2009. I met Jerome Conner and his wife Kara at Boston COmic Con in 2008 and they told me about this multi media convention scifi con called Arisia. I became Jerome Media relations asst and went to the con for 3 of the 4 days and was blown away. I would also meet Garen Daly who runs the Boston Scifi Film fest and Dan Kimmel who is a movie critic and ran a lot of Arisia Media track till 2018. I got to meet many great people at the con and really have an understand about other things in life I was never privy too.

COMING back from the con would soon lead to a massive change in my life. My ex wife and I had to move and when we did it led to our trial separation. She moved back in with her Mother Jackie. I moved in with a single father out in Charlton Ma far away from her. I needed the break and so did she. It was so unreal being back on my own after 3 years living together. Radio of Horror could not have been going better. I met Katherine Howe while I was working for Barnes and Noble Books, a job I had taken in 2008 right after I started working in Lost Prevention for Rite Aid. First big Author for my show she was a local writer to Salem MA. I devoured her book The Physick Book of Deliverance Day. In May of 2009 my long time friend Christina Delbek and I went to a book store in Cambridge MA to meet Amber Benson who played Tara On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and we had her on the show the same month. My wife and I got back together as well and I moved AGAIN for the 3rd time that year living in the 4th home it was torture.

Christina would remain my co host till December when she went on the road with her bf a truck driver. Over the summer Christina and her bf at the time would travel to Salem Ma and I would begin a very cool acquaintance with the owner of Count Orlock’s Nightmare Gallery James Lurgio. We would go to Rock and SHock together and meet Director John Landis and she recorded an interview with him for out show, as well as Adriane King from Friday the 13th and the months leading u to Rock and Shock Malcolm McDowell came on our show. We would take one of the most bizarre pictures together. Several Italian cast members from Italian horror movie by Dario Argento and more. I would also meet Jason Mewes and he would ask if I was fucking my co-host the weirdest conversation I ever had with a guest. A week later I would make one of the best business deals for the show to start the 4th year.