Comic book Spotlight: Morbius The Living Vampire

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A living Vampire WEIRD right but still true in the 1950s when the comic code was introduced one of the things the code said was

Scenes dealing with, or instruments associated with walking dead, torture, vampires and vampirism, ghouls, cannibalism, and werewolfism are prohibited.

This seems like a bull shit thing considering the amount of HORROR comics that exsist today but it was a sad time for the industry and a lot of companies died because of this. Now I was introduced to Morbius in Marvel Tales #251-253 ( a reprint of his debut in Amazing 101 as part of the 6 arm Spider-man story) and Spider-Man #13 and it was Todd McFarlane who drew that issues that made me really think about how badass this Living Vampire was.

Morbius debut

Morbius debut

Morbius debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man #101 (cover-dated Oct. 1971) following the February 1971 updating of the comic-book industry’s self-censorship board, the Comics Code Authority, that lifted a ban on vampires and certain other supernatural characters. It was the first issue of Marvel Comics’ flagship Spider-Man series written by someone other than character co-creator and editor-in-chief Stan Lee. Lee, busy writing a screenplay for an unproduced science fiction movie,bequeathed the series to his right-hand editor, Roy Thomas. “We were talking about doing Dracula, but Stan wanted a costumed villain. Other than that, he didn’t specify what we should do,” Thomas said in 2009, adding that part of the character conception came from an unspecified science-fiction film of Thomas’ youth, depicting a man turned into a vampire by radiation rather than magic. Thomas said the name “Morbius” was not deliberately taken from the antagonist Doctor Morbius in the movie Forbidden Planet.

Thomas and penciler co-creator Gil Kane created the character as a man who is given vampiric abilities and traits via scientific rather than supernatural means. Kane based the character’s look on that of actor Jack Palance.

Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Dr. Michael Morbius discovered he was dying, a rare disorder dissolving his blood cells. Not wanting to distress his fiancée Martine, Morbius began secretly working on a cure. With the aid of his partner Emil Nikos, Morbius attempted using distilled fluids from bats to stay his disease. While experimenting with such serums on board his yacht, Morbius had Nikos run an electrical shock through his system. The combination profoundly changed Michael’s body, transforming him into something resembling a vampire. Now driven by a blinding hunger for blood, Morbius slew Nikos, but stopped short of draining his friend’s body. Fearful that he would strike at Martine next, Michael tried ending his life by jumping into the sea, but self-preservation led him to escape the water’s embrace. He ran into a six arm Spider-Man who was waiting for Curt Connors (aka The Lizard) to come help him find a cure. They got it when they figured out Morbius blood had the enzyme needed to get rid of Spideys four extra arms. (Peter was trying to cure himself of his spider powers as they brought him nothing but pain following the death of George Stacy and Harry Osburnes drug addiction)

He ran around in Vampire Tales 1-11 for awhile stopping a death cult and being a Punisher style vigilante. It was a Dark and gothic comic book that was really trying to make use of the recent lift on the banning of dead characters in comics. These Comics can be found in Vampire Tales vol 1-3. Adventure into Fear #21-31 also featured him in main story arcs along with other Horror characters in the Marvel Universe

Morbius fought Spider-man in Marvel Team up #4 and then in Spectacular Spider-man #8 Spider-man being a constant thorn in his side till he was struck by lighting and cured of his Vampirism in issue 38. HOW?? Not sure it’s Science Marvel style. He was struck by a bolt of lightning while draining Spider-Man’s blood, catalyzing its radioactive elements and reversing much of his vampiric condition. He no longer required the blood of others to survive, but he retained a physiological need to drink it. Fleeing to Los Angeles, Morbius found work in a neuroradiology lab at the University of California. While working on a serum to cure himself of his continued craving for blood, Morbius met Jennifer Walters, the She-Hulk. Morbius gave Walters his serum, curing her of a degenerative disease and allowing her to control her transformations into She-Hulk. Walters later served as Morbius’ defense attorney during his trial for the murders he’d committed as a pseudo-vampire. The jury, convinced that Morbius had been unable to control his urges, convicted him only of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced him to five years in prison, to be served after completing his cure.

The cure for Vampirism??

The cure for Vampirism??

He remained human for many years and it seems Marvel killed off all their supernatural characters as around this time, the Montesi Formula was read in Doctor Strange #62 by the Doctor himself.

He eventually regressed back to his Vampire state and seeked the help of Doctor Strange in issue #11 of his title, but he was unable to cure him. Morbius hung out with some homeless people untill he found out they were stealing above ground homeless and feeding them to him as Spider-Man found out in Spider-Man #13&14.
Morbius was then contacted by Doctor Strange as well as other Supernatural Beings to form the Midnight Sons so they could help him fight the increasing battle against the force of Evil in the Midnight Sons story line, which crossed over with Ghost Rider, Darkholm, and Spirits of Vengeance.

New Comic by Ron Garney

New Comic by Ron Garney

Morbius would have his own title for 33 issues after that, out lasting most of the MS who had their titles cancelled. Morbius and Spider-Man had a truce of sorts, and even helped him during the Maximum Carnage storyline, which ran thru all the Summer Spider-Man titles in 1994.
Maximum Carnage crossover

Maximum Carnage crossover

His fiance who died defending him came back as a Sudo Vampire and had to be put down by Michael. He helped defeat the villain Crown who was a secret Hydra weapon but was later captured and when Crown became the Vampire Hunger Morbius was used as his tool.
Blade, Kingpin, and Spider-Man face Crown

Blade, Kingpin, and Spider-Man face Crown

It was later revealed that Morbius had signed the Superhuman Registration Act and was cooperating with S.H.I.E.L.D. in an effort to capture Blade. He had also presumably survived his genetic manipulation, as Blade was able to distinguish him as the same Morbius who ‘Took a Bite out of him in their previous encounter.

Morbius was next seen as a member of A.R.M.O.R. held captive by the Morbius from the Marvel Zombies universe. In Marvel Zombies 4 #1-5 He survived the invasion, killing his zombified counterpart in the process.Shortly after, he formed a new Midnight Sons with Jennifer Kale, Daimon Hellstrom, Jack Russell, and Man-Thing to contain a zombie outbreak on an isolated island, briefly running afoul of the Hood in the process. He would live underground in monster city off and On as depicted in the Legion of Monsters Mini Series #1-4.

Morbius later helped the Man-Thing reassemble a decapitated Punisher into a Frankenstein-like monster called FrankenCastle. Frankencastle #11-22

During The Gauntlet storyline, Morbius was behind the theft of a vial of Spider-Man’s blood. Spider-Man, learning that Morbius is planning to use the blood samples to create a cure for Jack Russell. agreed to help Morbius by giving him more blood.
During the Origin of the Species storyline, Morbius was among the supervillains recruited by Doctor Octopus to secure some item for him.

During the events of Spider-Island it was revealed to the reader that Morbius was the mysterious Number Six working at Horizon Labs. He assisted, in a hazmat suit to protect his identity, in preparing the cure to the spider-powers virus.

Prelude to Morbius #1

Prelude to Morbius #1

He went nuts in Amazing Spider-Man #688 and attacked one of Spider-Man’s fellow scientist and tried to help the Lizard cure him self only doing it for his own self interest, Spider-Man got tired of his pity parade and had his incarcerated. In Amazing Spider-Man #699, when Peter Parker trapped in Doc Ocks body broke out Morbius went along in secret despite Morbius being told off by Peter.

Morbius lived in Browsnstone NY with some homeless people and helped save their neighborhood by being their really fucked up guardian against The Rose. In Morbius vol 2 1-9 the book was cancelled due to poor sales and possibly a over saturation of Vampire Books on the market most people passed it up.

Morbius appeared in the Spider-Man animated series on Fox in the 90s, as well as the Maximum Carnage video Game.

New Ongoing series

New Ongoing series

More on

Documentary on H.R. Giger Coming to Theaters

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Bio Film looks at the last years of the man who created the Alien.

One of the most influential artists in the history of sci-fi cinema, H.R. Giger (1940 – 2014), is the subject of a new documentary coming to theaters in May. Director Belinda Sallin’s Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World focuses on the last years in the life of the Swiss surrealist, who created the xenomorph in the original Alien as well as the creature in Species, and whose paintings and sculptures have had a massive impact on horror, sci-fi, rock music, Goth culture and much more (he also did some incredible designs for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s never-produced version of Dune).


The official synopsis reads:

Both a mesmerizing introduction to Giger’s oeuvre and a must-see for Giger devotees, Belinda Sallin’s definitive documentary Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World shares the intimate last years of the artist’s life and reveals how deeply he resided within his own artistic visions.

Behind the shuttered windows and ivy-covered walls of his residence in Zurich, Switzerland, Dark Star brings viewers into Giger’s mysterious realm: from the first skull he was given by his father at the age of six, to macabre dinner parties with his close-knit team, to the grisly souvenirs from his time spent on the Alien set and reminiscences about model Li Tobler, Giger’s one-time muse, whose suicide reverberates throughout his work.

The film also addresses Giger’s complex relationship to the art world, where he defied traditional categories and embraced commercial projects for musicians including Debbie Harry, Korn, Emerson, Lake and Palmer and the Dead Kennedys. Fittingly enshrined in a museum dedicated to his work, Giger’s output includes sculpture, painting, drawing, film and architecture, integrating meticulous technique with an instantly-recognizable sensibility that has inspired generations of nightmares.

The film will open theatrically in five cities on May 15, expanding to more than 30 over the course of the month. See the list below (with more here), as well as a trailer and poster for the film. This sounds like a must-see for fans of this master’s dark and disturbing work.

May 15-21 – New York, NY – Landmark Sunshine
May 15-21 – Los Angeles, CA – Landmark NuArt
May 15-21 – San Francisco, CA – Landmark Opera Plaza
May 15-21 – Berkeley, CA – Landmark Shattuck
May 15-21 – Providence, RI – Cable Car Cinema
May 22-28 – Long Beach, CA – The Frida Cinema
May 22-28 – San Diego, CA – Landmark Ken
May 22-28 – Dallas, TX – Texas Theatre
May 23-26 – Austin, TX – Alamo Drafthouse
May 23-28 – Houston, TX – Alamo Drafthouse
May 28 – June 4 – Washington, D.C. – Landmark E St
May 28 – June 4 – Vancouver, BC – The Cinematheque
May 29 – June 4 – Denver, CO – Landmark (TBD)
May 28 – June 4 – Columbus, OH – Gateway Film Center
May 29 – June 4 – Philadelphia, PA – Landmark Ritz
May 28 – May 31 – Fort Worth, TX – Fort Worth Museum of Contemporary Art

Directors and Music Makers

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Tonight on the show we have the Cellist from Triforce Quartet is on the show with us. Then we have the director of MUCK on the show with us to discuss the new film from Anchor bay which came out and also have a great Kick Starter to make the sequel. We will also be discussing the movie Unfriended, How Black is the night and The Vatican Exorcisms. I will also be playing the music from Sean of the Dead on lp in honor of National Record Store Day yesterday/


Review: Archie vs. Predator #1

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Awesome review of a great new comic

Originally posted on Graphic Policy:

archie vs predator 1Archie and his crew have met many folks. The Punisher, the cast of Glee are just two examples, and in those two, no one died in the end. Archie vs. Predator #1 throws all of that out, taking the bloodier tone of Archie’s recent hit Afterlife with Archie, but showing it all in the cartoonish style we’re accustomed to. Teaming up with Dark Horse, Archie Comics has the Riverdale crew take on their toughest enemy yet, the Predator! Written by Alex de Campi, with art by Fernando Ruiz, the first issue is a bit strange, as it has much of the tension and build up we’re familiar with in Predator, but all with the classic Archie style.

The first issue sees Archie and his friends head out for vacation to a paradise island. The usual hijinks ensue, and it’s all entertaining. But really, the comic is all…

View original 235 more words


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A new trailer for the new Star Wars movie has come out ALSO check out the art of Kylo Ren the new sith lord who we get to see in this trailer with full mask.


Horror Movie Sued

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Cabin in the Woods is stolen from author. This is TMZ article posted yesterday. If this is true why did it take 5 years to announce it. This movie was made in 2010 and shelved then released in 2012
Why wait till the eve of Age of ULTRON to release this law suit.
I’m going to hunt down a copy and read it. Kids stuck in a cabin in the woods has been done A LOT . The twist of cabin is new and Goddard said he had it for years. The imprisoned monsters was the whole plot of season 4 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Read the article by TMZ below to find out what the b.s. is about.


Joss Whedon, current king of the Marvel universe, is being sued for allegedly stealing the idea for the cult horror smash, “The Cabin in the Woods.”

Whedon and “Cabin” co-writer/director Drew Goddard are being sued by a guy named Peter Gallagher (not “The O.C.” guy with the eyebrows) who claims he registered a book with the Writers Guild called “The Little White Trip: A Night in the Pines.”

Gallagher’s book came 5 years before ‘Cabin’ … which he claims has several similarities to his work:

— Five friends (three males, two females), ages 17-22 — In the book, the girls are named Julie and Dura; in the film, Jules and Dana — Each takes place at a cabin in the woods (duh!) — Each has a twist where you learn the characters are being manipulated and filmed as players in a real-life horror show (spoiler alert!)

In all, Gallagher says there are 25 similar scenes. 

Gallagher’s book is nowhere near a best seller — but in the suit, he says Whedon might have caught wind of it because Gallagher used to hawk it on sidewalks in Santa Monica, CA. He says Whedon lives in that city. Of course … so do 92,000 other people. 

Gallagher is seeking damages in excess of $10 million. 

Scream The Series

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Well here we are the first look at Scream the Series. Based on the films by Wes Craven which started in 1996, and had its last entry in 2011 with Scream 4. This series will be on MTV in June. Staring Bex Taylor-Klaus from Arrow, Willa Fitzgerald,Carlson Young, John Karna,Connor Weil from Sharknado and more.


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