11th Anniversary

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Its the the 11th Anniversary of the Dr.Chris Radio of Horror show. We launched in Oct on the 15th 2007 at the Rock and Shock Convention here in Worcester. I just left the con as I’m typing this and I’m tired but we have a great show tonight.



Don’t forget we are on at 10pm est now at http://www.wcuw.org.

Tonight we have Horror Critic and producers of the In Search of Darkness 80’s documentary on the show with us, Jessica Dwyer. Also head of the project Robin Block and Heather Wixson from Daily Dead.




Amanda and Jake

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Tonight on the show from the movie Helltown and the comics Tales of Halloween Night by John Carpenter writer Amanda Deibert on the show. Also on the show from Helltown Jake Jackson talking about Exposure a creature feature horror movie.

Amanda will also be talking with us about Wonder Woman 77 and more. Music tonight will be from Halloween.


Spider-Man vs The Supernatural

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Tonight on the show like we did last Halloween we are covering a Comic Book Hero fighting the Supernatural. This time we look at every one favorite Wall Crawling superhero The Amazing Spider-Man. Me and Zach from the Spiderman Podcast CLone Saga Chronicles will look at 6 different weird horror transformations Peter Parker has gone thru and some of his Horror Bad guys like Morbius Man Wolf and Demo Goblin and The Lizard. ALl or some are tied together. I will play some SPidey music as composed by Danny Elfman and The music from Hell-O-ween to kick off the Halloween season this month.


Movie art and Models

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Tonight on the show some interviews from back in August I did at the Boston Comic COn with movie poster artist Bill Struzen and Cosplay Model Lee Anna Vamp. Music tonight will be in honor of Bill from Back to the Future Indiana Jones Star Wars and More.

Az Powergirl Ultimate Photo Book

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Cara Nicole Previous Guest of this show and the podcast The Lost Boys Movie Minute  has a new photo book out now.

Its up on Indiegogo check it out today orde the Ultimate edition to get a large collection of her amazing pictures. If you want to know more about Cara check out her interview on my youtube page.




Brad Strickland

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Tonight on the show we have Author Brad Strickland on with us discussing his work with John Belliars Novels. Brad took over writing duties on Johns work after he passed away in 1991. Brad is an accomplished author himself.

Music tonight will be from The Monster Squad.


Horror Movie Night

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Tonight on the show the Host and creator of Horror Movie Night Podcast Mat Kelly we will be discussing the history of hispodcast and more. Music tonight is from Waxworks Records on vinyl the soundtrack to FRIDAY THE 13th THE FINAL CHAPTER. Or in the words of Uncle Creepy Final Chapter my fat fucking ass.