Charity and Models

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On the show tonight we have the founder of Scares That Care coming on the show with us to talk about the history of their organization. We will be raisign money for thier chartiy  next weekend at Sacre-A-Con.

Then all the way from Germany we have Model Alice Lynch on the show with us. Music tonight will be from Supernatural. The season finale was this past Wed and as we do every year we play the music you find in Dean’s Impala



Dracula The Graphic Novel

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A few years ago I tried to make a movie and I failed but now something new has come from it. This October my artist Iseta Solaris and I will be putting out a Dracula mini comic book. Same premises we gender swap the entire cast of Dracula. This has been a long long project which is now coming to fruition.

This will encompass Dracula The Resurrection and Dracula Guest. This weekend in Transylvania Romania my short Dracula’s Guest will play at the International Vampire Film and Art Festival. If you didn’t get a chance to see it check out the video below. If you want to check out details about the comic book go to the Facebook link. More information about my artist Iseta can be found below as well.

This October at That’s Entertainment in Worcester MA we will debut our mini comic, stay tuned for more information.

Outlast gameplay review

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At Pax East this year I had a chance to play Outlast 2 I had to buy the first one and its wicked cheap right now on PSN for 4.99. It’s a great run hide or DIE game no combat no fighting you have those three options and that’s it. I recorded some game play footage with my reactions. This is my first recorded game play footage check it out below and stay tuned when we have the developers of Outlast 2 on the show this Summer.


Scares and Authors

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Tonight on the show we have JV from Scare-A-Con calling into us for a much longer chit chat on all things which are that convention YEAH. the Author JOE HILL finally on the show and talk about his new Book The Fireman. he also wrote one of my favorite comic book series Locke and Key. Also tonight we begin playing music from The Nightmare on Elm Street collection box set. You can check out my video review of the box set below.


Spring Mini Horror Reviews

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The Darkness

New movie staring Kevin Bacon with an original plot devise involving the Grand Canyon. Like the Forest early this year you have a neat idea and it has some cool visual effects and some creepy looking ancient villains The Anasazi Indians. They would appease spirit gods and their are some evil spirits trapped in some rocks. the main part of the story is decent and original. The young brother with Autism ( Bruce Wayne from Gotham, with real acting lessons) sees things other people don’t and the family ignores it until things get creepy. The sides story with the older sister weight loss problems the father cheated once its all really boring and slows the main plot down to the point you don’t care about the rest of the movie. if you like Kevin Bacon films its ok but his best horror movie was Stir of Echos. the director Greg McLean also directed Wolf Creek and Wolf Creek 2.

The Green Room

Staring Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart a band in desperate need of a new gig takes one at a club run by a group of Neo Nazi. When this discover a dead body it becomes a cat and mouse game between the skin heads and the band. Its funny to see two actors from two different eras of Star Trek in the same movie together on different sides of the story. Its a cool suspense story with a couple really gory moments. Patrick Stewart is great in the movie as the leader of the bad guys, but this is not his most riveting performance ever. He stands around and delivers dialog that’s really it. he seems to just read the lines in that awesome voice. If you like Stewart its a movie to check out. Yelchin is pretty good as the band leader trying to get his friends thru the ordeal. the movie is directed by Jeremy Saulnier who also wrote and directed Murder Party, which is also a really great little indie horror movie.

The Girl who Walks Alone At Night


Residents of a worn-down Iranian city encounter a skateboarding vampire (Sheila Vand) who preys on men who disrespect women. A black and white artsy Vampire movie that is different than the norm we have seen. It can be a little pacy at times but I really enjoy Ana Lily Amirpour is an Iranian-American film director, screenwriter, producer and actor. She has a great sense of style. A moody movie with a great soundtrack. I recommend it if your a big fan of  unique vampire movie.


Zombie Vikings

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A game I picked up at Pax East this past year Zombie Vikings is a fun plat former from Zoink  an indie developer operating out of dark, cold Sweden. You play as one of 4 Zombie Vikings in a quest to rid your land of evil. 4 player co op hack and slash in a  cartooney fun way that any one can enjoy. Gross out side jokes galore.


Loki snatches Odin’s one remaining magic eye right out of its socket. With Odin blind as bat and the Gods of Valhalla too busy partying, Odin makes a desperate move: he summons four of the most fearsome zombie vikings out of the Norse soil: Gunnborg, Seagurd, Hedgy, and Caw-kaa! A putrid posse on a mission through the most epic of worlds to retrieve The Eye and make peace with their own rotten pasts.

This game has some of the best animation for a cartoon and it works well in the environment of the game it self. Choose among four different zombie vikings, each with his own story and special moves. You can hack your friends up and use them as weapons as well. You collect brains for power upgrades between levels.

The game has a great price tag of 19.99 and when I was at Pax if you got the physical copy you also got the sound track included as well. I highly recommend this game for friends looking for a co op adventure on a Friday night they can get drunk too and kick back and slaughter some bad guys. With 25 levels of game play you really get your money worth.

Available on Steam and PS4 check out the site below for more details.


Rouge One A Star Wars Story

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Massive Spoilers for the new Star Wars movie coming out this December


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