Childs Play Interview and Monster Music

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Tonight on the show in honor of the Child’s Play remake coming out we have someone from the Child’s Play Franchise on with us. We have Actress Danielle Bisutti on the show to talk about Curse of Chucky and her other work. An interviewed we recorded at Scare A Con a couple weeks ago in Framingham. We will also be playing the music from Monster Mob Band.




Don’t forget to check out Childs Play at the Black stone Valley Cinema Delux 14 in Millbury


Alien 3 Soundtrack

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Tonight a smaller show as we replay an old interview with Composer Fred Molin and play the soundtrack from ALIEN 3. I score we picked up at Bull Moose in NH a few weeks ago. As well as some of Fred’s music from his various works. Don’t forget new episodes of The Dead TV podcast this week and last week as well as a new episode of Goth Girl Horror The Official Hack/Slash Podcast.


Vinyl Record Review: Evil Dead 2

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At Scare A Con this weekend I picked up thr sound track to Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn on this neat YELLOW vinyl. Why Yellow and not blood red I don’t know. The sound track to Sam Raimi cult classic by Joseph Loduca is the perfect album to listen to trapped in the woods at night.

With 9 tracks its a bit short. Some of the tracks are doubled up so I would not oay more than 25 for this one. Any thing more be a bit much.

The artwork on the outside inside and the insert art is by Phantom City Creative. I like the double spread of the woods cabin and Lindas grave but wish we got some composer notes with it.

The music has this mystical ominous feel that gives you dread or histarical laughter depending on your taste. The vinyl sounds the best in the dark. Alone its forboding. Exactly like the movie should give u as the evil aproaches.

Make sure you habe your copy of the Necronomicon ready.

Werewolves and Rock Music

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Tonight on the show we have Scare A Con recap and Guest from Scare A Con Kate Hodge from She-Wolf of London and Leatherface the Texas Chainsaw 3. Music tonight is from a cd I picked up at Scare-A Con called Enchanted Exile by Steve Vortex.

Some Sad news Radio of Horror did not win any of the awards it was nominated for at the convention. We were nominated for Best Interviewer and Best Short Form Podcast. \

She Wolf

Artists and Monsters

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Tonight on the show we have Artist Lynne Hansen on the show to talk about her art and talent. Music tonight will be from Destroy All Monsters and other Godzilla movies


F13 Fan Films and Music

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Tonight on the show Director James Sweet the man behind Jason Rising. A new Friday the 13th Fan Film. The music from F13th Video Game


Writers and 90s Vampires

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Tonight on the show we have Author Lara McLaggen on the show with us to talk about her horror novels. We will talk horror shop with music from Forever Night on the show as well. Out Forever Night music is provided by the composer Fred Molin. Thanks Fred.