Scream Factory

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Tonight on the show returning to talk about Scream Factory and Horror Hallowed Grounds is SEAN CLARK from Horror Hound Magazine and any conventions you may have seen him at in the past 10 or so years. Music will be from the Nightmare on elm street sound tracks. Its been awhile since I played them and I do love them.


Heart of Darkness

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Jason Goes to Hell is a very wacky Friday the 13th film. Now there is a documentary talking about the zany stuff in the movie.

I interviewed two people connected to the doc the director and the writer of the Crystal Lake Memories.

No Show

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After 9 weeks of non stop weekend adventures and shows Radio of Horror has the night off. Make sure you check out out interview with John from Super Mega Fest which is next weekend at the Sheraton Hotel in Framingham Ma and New episode of The Dead TV Podcast and Goth Girl Horror both on

Art of Horror

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Tonight on the show is Alex Hoey who I have known off and on for several years at Boston Comic Con and Rock and Shock and Scare A con as this excellent cartoony artist and he will be on the show to talk about his art. We also have the music from SUPER CASTLEVANIA 4. Not sure if I have played this one yet don’t care new month awesome music. Listen to us live on

Halloween Show

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Tonight is our Halloween show we have music from HALLOWEEN 2 and MONSTER HOUSE as well as out long overdue interview with Kip Weeks from the Strangers and a new documentary by Wicked Bird Media about him and Horror in New England. This film was at the Shawna Shea Film fest if you caught it there early this month.


Author Peter Bracke

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Tonight on the show as we cont the 12th Anniversary of Radio of Horror we have Author Peter Bracke on with us. He will be talking about Crystal Lake Memories. Music tonight will be from Its A Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and more.


12 Anniversary

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Tonight on the show we have Director of the JASON GOES TO HELL DOCUMENTARY

and we have the music from the MONSTER SQUAD vinyl soundtrack I picked up at Rock and Shock. A horror con I have been at all weekend long