Vampires, Star Wars and Ghosts

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Tonight on the show we have MIKE CHEN on the show to talk about his new novel Vampire Weekend and talk about his time writing Star Wars Brotherhood last year.

Then we have Director of Your Not Alone ( Or the Unwanted) Eduardo Rodriguez to talk about his small indie ghost film

Music tonight will be from Fright Night and Thor Ragnarok on vinyl. A vinyl record I got for Christmas,


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No Show tonight due to personal reasons but I am watching the Oscars and the Horror and Geek Icons are winning Del Toro won for Pinocchio and Jamie Lee Curtis from 7 HALLOWEEN movies won for Everything Every Where All At Once as did her Co host Key Huan who came from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Dom and The Goonies

Composer Charles Bernstein

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Tonight on the show returning Composer Charles Bernstein on the show to talk about his music from The Entity and Cjuo and The Nightmare on Elm Street. The entity celebrates its 40th anniversary this year,

Music tonight will be from Nightmare on elm Street and The ENtity.

Author, Armando Muñoz My Bloody Valentine

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Tonight on the show we are back with a post Valentines Day episode that was delayed due to a cold and a film fest we have AUthor Armando Munoz on the show to talk about My bloody Valentine the novel of the book. Also on the show with us Wayne David from his new movie Wolf Garden. Music tonight will be from a Girl Walks Home At Night and My Bloody Valentine.

The Seance Room

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Created by Massachusetts Writer Ben Goldsmith for Source Point Press The Seance Room is a blend of magic and mystery with it’s main character Harry Weiss guides it’s visitors thru his mansion of mystery in search of some inner conflict the people who visit need to deal with. Four issues into the series the next four were done on crowdfunding. There is also an amazing vinyl record out that has music that you can listen too that fits the comic perfectly. The Music is by Ben and PAt Mccann. What better way to listen than on lp for a comic called The Seance Room.

Recently Ben finished a successful Kickstarter that sees Seance Room cross over with Tim Seeley Hack/Slash Characters Cassie and Vlad. As the producer and host of Goth Girl Horror It was the first of the new issues I had to read. Hes joined by talented artists Dustin Irvin, Ben Templesmith, and A Cormack. Hack/Slash vs The Seance Room has our heroes chasing an animal killer. I can see why Ben picked this kind of bad guy to be killed by our favorite goth girl for the story He’s a huge animal lover and if you go to a convention he’s at like Monstah Expo  you can meet his lovely dog Shiva. Thi is my favorite book of the new comics he did. You feel Cassie looking into this weird and wacky world.

The other three issues have their own tone and one looks very much like a Wacky Trippy Ren and Stimpy cartoon from the 90s. This is a differewnt kind of supernatural comic book one that makes you think and want to address your own future. Ben crafts a yarn that leaves the reader with more desire.

No Show Tonight

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This post was for SUnday I was at the Boston Scifi FIlm Fest Return with us this coming Sunday with CHarles Bernstein on the show with us to talk about the Entiry and Cujo and more.

Valentines Mature Content

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Tonight on the show we have Artist Jim Balent

returning to the show with us to talk about the current Tarot Witch of the Black Rose Kickstarter and more.

Then the second half the show we bow and let Dominatrix, Mistress Isabella Sinclaire take us on a journey into the darker more taboo side of things for the last hour. Music tonight will be from KISS as Jim is a huge fan of that band and Music from a new CD I got the Ninth Gate score.


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No show tonight, the massive cold weather and change in temperature really affected me. A head cold has taken me out. Seems as tho I get to do two shows in February most years cuz one other show i can’t do is when I’m at the Boston Sci-fi Film fest

Musings of a Former Cigarette Smoking Man

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Tonight on the show returning to the show for the first time in 13 years We have Actor Author WIlliam B. Davis on the show with us. Best known as the Cigarette Man from the X-Files. He comes on to talk about his new book On Acting and life, we also talk about his radio career which was from the 1940s and his current tv projects The Midnight Club and Upload. Music tonight will be from The X-Files tv show by Mark Snow.

Show starts at 10pm est

The New England Comic Book Store Owners

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Working on a new boo coming out late this year hopefully. A book about the comic book store owners of New England. A story of who they are their history where they came from why did they open their stores.

Currently we have That’s Entertainment, Bedrock Comics, Hall Of Comics The Comic Shop and more joining.

Wanted to look into why there are so many comic shops in the new England area it’s a great collection of stories from people who started small businesses in these 6 states. Got the idea after my first book The New England Horror Film Makers was finished and after listening to a book about comic shops history around the country called Comic Shop: The Retail Mavericks Who Gave Us a New Geek Culture. I said as soon as the New England Horror book was done this would be the next book.

Authors in 2023 Part 3

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We have another author on the show tonight this time its Author Erica Shafe on to talk about her books. Music tonight will be from the score to Event Horizon and Some HP Lovecraft films.

MANRAY Returns

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MANRAY a Goth club in Massachusetts known by many but my first discovered it while doing research on Goth Culture ( for a book that never came out unfortunately and the research is long since lost)

I was introduced to the club by Artist Aaron White back in 1999 it was mind blowing. I had never seen anything like it in my very young adult life.  I was blown away by the music the atmosphere and the time spent. I went back a few times here and there before they closed there doors On July 30, 2005, after more than 20 years. Manray owner wanted to cash in on the property value and now it’s condos. The new club opened right around the corner from the old location.

On Halloween 2015 ManRay Revival happened under the tutelage of Club Frequenter Xtine and Heroes Host with the help of some amazing people had a return for a night and it was a blast with love bands and great music. I was there the entire day helping set up. Now 8 years last last Sat a soft opening RSVP event ManRay returned. It’s full opening happens to be tonight Crypt night. Saturday RSVP was a taste of what is to return for the club and want you can expect.

Chris Ewens who has a long industries music career as an award winning DJ from Detroit who came to the Boston area Going back to the mid 80s. He  was the head  DJ for ManRay from 86-2005. He spins a collection of weird unusual goth and industrial works or art.

Some of which I recognized some of loved some I couldn’t find my dance groove too, but I’m not a super dancer so that’s not to say it was bad music. The dance flood has a central stage and two ajoining smaller stages for gogo dancing and a lounge area to breath and relax away from the main floor crowd and music.

They had a bit of late opening starting an hour past the schedule time due to some technology issues and we have all dealt with technology being a pain in the ass.  I didn’t arrive till 1030 and was able to get in by 11. I didn’t get a chance to try their drink of the night as the line for that was not moving but was escortes over by a lovely goth girl I got to chatting to a bar on the other side of the club for a nice cold Blue Moon. I am so glad I got in on Saturday. They have four nights if you been missing the goth night life of Boston Check it out tonight.

Authors in 23 Part 2

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Tonight on the show we have two more authors on with us Jake Bannerman Author of the Pitchfork Diaries and Steph Ellis author of Five Turns of the Wheel and Asylum of Shadows

Music Tonight will be from an LP I picked up just after Thanksgiving the MIMIC score on Black Friday at Joe’s Albums in Worcester. Make sure you stop by and see Joe and tell him Doctor Chris said HI. This has this cool gate folder cover that opens the fake human face to reveal the Cockroach monster underneath, with a lime green dark color to the vinyl. It’s really amazing. This was the big studio movie that really introduced the world to Guillermo del Toro.

Show starts tonight at 10pm est on or 91.3 fm on your dial in Worcester County

Authors in 23 Part 1

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Tonight on the show for our first show back in 2023 we have two awesome Horror authors on the show with us Steph Ellis and Keith Baird \, Music tonight will be from WAX WORKS on Vinyl a horror movie from the 80s whose vinyl record I picked up on Black Friday last year at Joe Albums in Worcester Ma. And the score for wicked City one of my Favorite Anime films.

Happy New Year

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No SHow tonight but enjoy a new episode of the Dead TV Podcast Covering Alien Nation the series, Mistress Zeneca and I do a pOdcast about Cancelled tv shows and this time we are doing a Scifi Show from the late 90s based on the movie of the same name.

Merry Christmas

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Tonight on the show no guests but we will be playing the scores for Diehard and Gremlins tonight. I hope you had a Merry Christmas or Happy Chanukah

Redux from last Week

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Let’s try this again, last week we had a snowstorm, and I had to leave early the station manager never wants to be any help in playing shows we want Tonight on the show Historian Jennifer Emerson comes on the show to talk about her job as a Historian of Salem and reenactment actress. Then the Chicago’s Derision Cult is on with us with the new single, “Bastards Of The World. Music tonight will be from Home Alone and Krampus.

Guests on the show

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Here are some links to guests who came on the show recently in case you missed them.

Model Autumn Ivy

Archivist for Clive Barker

Director Brian Yuzna

Director Adam Marcus

Historical Salem

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Tonight on the show Historian Jennifer Emerson comes on the show to talk about her job as a Historian of Salem and reenactment actress. Then the Chicago’s Derision Cult is on with us with the new single, “Bastards Of The World. Muisc tonight will be from Home Alone and Krampus.

45th Anniversary of The Incredible Hulk

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Tonight on the show we have Producer Kenneth Johnson on with us to talk about the 45th Anniversary of The Incredible Hulk TV show. You can aslo catch Ken on my sister podcast The Dead TV Podcast to hear us talk about his other creation ALIEN NATION. Music tonight will be from the band GHOST and we kick off our holiday trasional music as well with an asortment of music like from the Nightmare Before Christmas and more.