The Real Ghostbusters

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Tonight on the show, we have my Supernatural co-Host Mel Heflin and her friend Brandon an actual Ghost Hunter/Buster/Investigator. This is also the Christmas episode of the show. We discuss the events of the Supernatural episode from season 5.

We talk about the Episode of The Real Ghostbusters and the Cartoon for a bit.

Music from this will be from the Ghostbusters toon and from the movie GRemlins



Changeling Comic Book

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Tonight on the show we have Anthony Delaney on the show The creator of the comic Book Changeling which is currently on its 4th issues being brought to life on Kickstarter. Model Cara Nicole brought this amazing sexy character to life in a great photo.

Music tonight will  be from The Nightmare Before Xmas and

Manos and Black Sabbath

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Jackey Neyman Jones, who played Debbie (the little girl) in the horror film “Manos”: The Hands Of Fate. “Manos” will be on the show tonight. Then we have a lot of Black Sabbath music playing as I have a great new vinyl I picked up on Black Friday.


Happy Thanksgiving

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That one Grindhouse Movie we so desperately still want to see

The Horror of Cosplay Part 2

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Tonight on the show we have Cara Nicole returning to talk about the Horror of Cosplay PART 2

We will be discussing her current calendar now on crowdfunding and the copyright issues a cosplayer may face when it comes to her or his cosplay. Music tonight will be from Supernatural Various seasons. Basic Classic Rock from the Supernatural Tv shows Dean Winchester collection.

Cara Nicole



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On the show tonight Director Brett Mullen to talk about Bloody Ballet.

Bloody Ballet – formerly titled Fantasma – is a 2017 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Brett Mullen (Beneath the Old Dark HouseBombshell Bloodbath)

Music tonight will match the tone of our interview being gothic and spooky. Various Gothic artist to play.


Werewolves and Mummies

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Tonight on the show we have from the movie Bonehill Road we have the director Writer on the show with us Todd Sheets. HE made this pretty decent low budget practical effects Werewolf movie. Then we have the music from the 1999 movie The Mummy a sound track I wanted to play a few weeks ago but ran out of time.

Check out the Imdb link on Bonehill ROad for more info about this movie