The Five Best Holiday Movies of All Time Part 4

Now I no every one says The Christmas Story directed by Bob Clark is the best Xmas movie ever made, buttttttt what about Bob’s other film. Ever heard of Black Christmas, o yeah the first slasher film. It came out in 1973 ten days after the first Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Its about a group of soroaty girls who are being stalked by a killer who used to live in there dorm back when it was just a house. Margot Kidder is in it, years before she would play Lois Lane in Superman and John Saxon who plays a cop, kinda like the way he does in The Nightmare on Elm St films. Its worth checking out as the POV shots from the killer predate Halloween, a spooky film that still holds up today. Please skip the 2006 remake as it is GARBAGE beyond anything ever made ughhh!!!!!!!!!!


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