Tony Scott

Producer and film maker Tony Scott brother of Ridley Scott killed him self today. He threw him self off a bridge in CA. This is sad news as Prometheus was a great film for what its worth our sorrows go out to his family.


4 Responses to “Tony Scott”

  1. DAMMIT!!! :*(
    I Simply LOVED His Work.

    • chrisdsav Says:

      So did I this sucks, I wonder what will happen with Prometheus two and his other projects. He was juggling 10 projects at once I wonder if it was stress

  2. leigh ann mclaughlin Says:

    he had a brain tumor that was unoperable and he didnt want his family to see him suffer i can relate my mom did the same thing when she found out that she was in stage 4 cancer i feel for his family i know the pain is unbearable but i also know that his pain is gone and everyone should look at that.

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