We rarely get a pg rated horror movie for kids with any kind of substance at all and when we do its like a craptacular film in the vein of the little vampire. Halloween tree and Monster House and Coralline  are the last two great kid horror films that really come to mind. Monsters vs. Aliens was great too but more on the sci-fi end.

Now we have Paranorman a movie using the same kind of animation used for Coralline. About a 12 year old kid who can talk to ghost has accepted his fate unlike the kid in the Sixth Sense does not whine about it and s freaked out. He soon learns there is going to be a mass uprising of Zombies in his home town which is parody on Salem Ma. A parody in a way that the real Salem capitalizes on the burring and murder of 17 woman 400 years ago this town is the same way wit there deep secret. The story is driven very well by the round of supporting characters voice by John  Goodman Casey Affleck Anne Kendrick and  Christopher Mintz-Plasse. The main character is voiced by Kodi Smit-McPhee, who has already had some decent roles in The Road and Let me In. The humor involving Zombies and gross out stuff you come to expect is there by not overly violent that kids of all ages cant really get into it as it is a fun  movie for adult and kids. the movie is playign at The Leominstr Entertainment Cinema and Blackstone Valley Cinema Delux 14 in millbury Ma.


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