It tis the year 2013, things are going to change at Radio of Horror. Things are going to change for the life of me as well. The book I been working on The New England Horror Filmmakers is going to come out in Summer of 2013 or the Fall. The Undead are a Joke my Vampire E-book, will come out per chapter and the first is done just waiting on the cover.  I plan to end the Horror of not having a full-time job. I plan to end the Horror of my depression and the Horror of being single. It’s a true horror and you single guys and gals can feel it sometimes on a Friday or Saturday Night. I will also be traveling a lot more coming up very soon as well. Stayed tuned 2013 is going to be a big year.  It’s also the 40th Anniversary of WCUW, the station we broadcast from.

Faye Decay is coming back sometime soon.

Guest for the month of Jan, remember this is Sunday becoming Monday morning.

Jan 6th Actress/Model/Director Eliza Jayne

Jan 13th Arisa GUESTS

Jan 20th ARISIA CON 2013 no guest

Jan 27th Domme/Journalist Bella Vendetta


One Response to “2013”

  1. This blog, “2013 | Radio of Horror Blog” illustrates
    the fact that u really comprehend what u r communicating
    about! I personally 100 % approve. Thank you ,Adriana

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