Anime Boston 2013

Going to Anime Boston for a Day this year, check out the voice Acting list they have this year and other guests ITS HUGE.

Anime Boston is a three-day convention held annually in Boston, Massachusetts, USA under the supervision of the New England Anime Society. Our focus is to celebrate and promote Japanese animation, comics, and pop-culture.

Japanese Guests
Shinichi Watanabe (aka Nabeshin)
Shinichiro Kashiwada
Tomohiko Ito
Yasuhiro Koshi

Voice Acting Guests
Bryce Papenbrook
Cherami Leigh
Chris Ayres
Christopher Bevins
David Matranga
Greg Ayres
Kari Wahlgren
Lauren Landa
Micah Solusod
Monica Rial
Rachel Robinson
Stephanie Sheh
Industry Guests
Tom Wayland
Zach Bolton

Musical Guest
Raj Ramayya
Yousei Teikoku


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