Lords of Salem Soundtrack


The Lords of Salem’ Soundtrack Track Listing:
1. ‘Open Wide the Gates’
2. ‘The Curse of Margaret Morgan’ (John 5 & Griffin Boyce)
3. ‘Blinded by the Light (Manfred Mann)
4. ‘No Person in Number Five’
5. ‘A Special Child’ (John 5 & Griffin Boyce)
6. ‘Our Philosophy’
7. ‘Crushing the Ritual’ (Leviathan the Fleeing Serpent)
8. ‘Give It to Me Baby’ (Rick James)
9. ‘Ladies Choice’
10. ‘The Spirit of Radio’ (Rush)
11. ‘Smash or Trash’
12. ‘The Lords Theme’ (John 5 & Griffin Boyce)
13. ‘Salem Rocks’
14. ‘Venus in Furs’ (The Velvet Underground)
15. ‘Three Sisters’ (John 5 & Griffin Boyce)
16. You Know What I Think?’
17. ‘I’ll Always Know’ (John 5 & Griffin Boyce)
18. ‘Apartment Five’
19. ‘Lords Hear Us’
20. ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ (The Velvet Underground)
21. ‘WIQZ News’

Here is John 5’s site link as well



This Thursday night join us in Danvers MA for a big Lords giveaway, donation will be accepted for WCUW and the Redcross.

Soundtrack released todayas well as The Walking Dead soundtrack vol 1


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