The Purge (2013)

Look at my fellow horror nuts review of the purge while my review waits to be posted on
This movie is currently playing in Leominster MA and Millbury MA

The Cinema Monster


Aside from lacking the cerebral violence and losing its conviction. “The Purge” is painfully predictable and decidedly idiotic, not to mention acted with such insincerity. Ultimately, a premise with supreme potential has gone to waste here as “The Purge” resorts to the same-old boring cliches and cheap thrills that have plagued this genre for far too long. Ripe with countless plot holes and unanswered questions that hamper the viewer from enjoying anything of value. “The Purge” is going to learn the hard way that just because you own an ideal that can achieve astounding heights, doesn’t mean that the final product has any merit. That being said, it is sure to appeal to the brain-dead, casual cinema-goers on its opening weekend. Sadly, after that, “The Purge” has little-to-no staying-power and will fall to the wayside. A fate that should never have befallen a concept as unique as an annual purge.



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