New Films from Scream factory, and Anchor Bay


Recently received in the mail today The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse the animated film.. This is based on the comic book by Dynamaite Comics. A self aware zombie comes back to save his son from demons.




Directed by Tobe Hooper Its space Vampire essentially and actually a pretty good film. NASA finds a ship in space with these energy sucking space Vampires. Matilda May is gorgeous in the movie, she is naked 100 of her screen time and looks fantastic. Patrick Stuart makes a cameo as well. Its part of Shout Factory’s Scream Factory collection and loaded with bonus material. Jammed packed.


2 Responses to “New Films from Scream factory, and Anchor Bay”

  1. LeGivorden Says:

    He he! The Temple of the Vampire is going to have some explaining to do with Lifeforce being put onto blue ray. Watch the movie and read their take on the end of the world from the Vampires Bible. Can we say copyright infringement.

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