Hellboy (2004)

One of my favorite Del toro movies, read Dan’s review

Dan the Man's Movie Reviews

The Christian groups demanded “Heavenboy”, but Mel Gibson got that project.

In 1944, as soon as WWII was getting closer and closer to ending, some of Hitler’s Nazis occult experiments go wrong. Terribly wrong. By this, I mean that through a transportation device, somehow, a little red, devil-ish creature got stuck over here on Earth and was soon named Hellboy (Ron Perlman) by his founder, paranormal expert Professor Bruttenholm (John Hurt). Cut to 60 years later, and that little red baby is a full-on, grown man with muscles, wit, and cigar-smoking and all. He also just so happens to be a government-funded crime fighter that has to be kept secret from the outside world, but all of that turns to shit once a scary dude, Rasputin (Karel Roden), comes back for revenge for the 60 years prior and wants it now, at any cost.

Some of you may find this…

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