Resident Evil Revelations

Finally able to pick up Resident Evil Revelations for the 360. This is a port from the Nintendo 3DS version we saw last year. It has all the makings of the previous RE titles to come out, with the over the sholder perspective but the game feels too easy and too simple minded with the controls. The enemies look too simple and dont alear to have a lot of design creativity involved in their look. I am not the biggest fan of this entry and am sad too see this be the final entry in THIS RE franchise. Capcom is undoubtly going to relaunch the franchise soon. Re 6 is far better by comparison.


One Response to “Resident Evil Revelations”

  1. “Resident Evil Revelations | Radio of Horror Blog” was honestly pleasurable and enlightening!
    In the present day universe honestly, that is really hard to achieve.
    Regards, Paulina

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