Todd and the Book of Pure Evil- Season #2

Season two by my cohost


Picking up right where they left off, the gang gets back together with a +1. (Jenny’s comatose father)

These episodes also had a different Crowley High student getting their hands on The Book, there was also more meta-plot. Jenny’s not sure if she can trust Todd of if he’s going to go all Pure Evil, Hannah becomes part of the book, Jenny works out her daddy issues and Curtis gets an awesome robot hand, Todd starts to doubt himself and thinks he might be too dangerous, the guidance councilor gets weirder, the three stoners in the parking lot get a back story, so does Jason Mewes.


Favorites included: Season 2 Episode 6 “Fisting Fantasy” where the gang becomes trapped in an RPG video game and have to journey/fight/dance their way through the game. Some rad stuff happens and Todd faces the reality that he might not be the hero in…

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