Book Review #26- The Undead Are A Joke: Part 1

A review of my book the Undead are a joke a revision is coming soon


The Undead are a Joke follows photographer and entertainment writer Zack as he leaves his old job in Maryland for a new gig in good ‘ol Worcester, Mass. At his going away party he has a chance encounter with Selina, who killed him 150 years ago and is coincidentally also heading to the Commonwealth. Oh, yeah… Zack’s a vampire. Upon arriving in Worcester, Zack goes in search of “food” and meets up with three hoodlums and four viscous vampires who tear off limbs as easy as tearing up a receipt from the packy. 

Will Zack be able to juggle his day job and being a vampire and still get his game developed before PAX East?

This is the first 2 chapters, you can buy this here.



The book’s cover model is one of the deadly dames featured in the upcoming Looks That Kill Calendar

This serial is by

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