Horror’s Hallowed Grounds & The Walking Dead


Tonight on the show as promised Sean Clark returns to the air waves at 1215am est  as we discuss The Black Waters of Echo Pond. We watched this 5 years ago if you can belive that. It is finally being released on blu ray thru Anchor Bay. Dallas Roberts from Season 3 of The Walking Dead and Author DA Roberts.

The Walking Dead S3 just hit blu ray and dvd from Anchor Bay, Dallas will be discussing his character in a recorded interview. He was the doctor working for the Governor. S3 filled with bonus material and commentary and behind the scnes make up work on the Zombies on the show. SPOILER ALERT::::::::Deleted scene that is very key to checking out is Laurie as a Zombie. This season really pumped up the viloence and brought n this great new fan fav characters liek Tyreese, Michonne and The Governor. They also brought back Michael Rooker’s character as well. He will be at Rock and Shock this Oct. Anchor Bay also put out a Walking Dead Zombie Head case like the one the Governor has in his lair. The Walking Dead returns Sunday Oct 13th.






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