Saturday Morning Mystery

strong>Saturday Morning Mystery takes a look at what Scooby Doo would be like if it was real and not cartoony. A group of young paranormal investigators and their dog have found nothing but kiddie porn cons and stupid thieves with no real direction. One day they gety asked to come to a mansion whic has had several disappearances and what they find is something so much more and real it kills them off one by one staring with that pesky Scooby….. I mean Hamlet dog. The “Fred and Daphne” character doe exactly what you think they do when they are away from the group they fuck a lot in every porn star way possible. The Brains of the group who is still portrayed as very sexy just kinda of nerdy bad glasses and hair sexy is the ex bf of the Shaggy stoner. Its described as Evil Dead meets Scooby Doo and it really is when it comes to the villains. The villains happen to be real monsters and not people in costumes. There is of course the bumbling sheriff character as well. This is a decent flick that goes from funny to horror very fast and is exactly like what Scooby and the gang would be if they were in the real world not Hannanh Barbara world.  





2 Responses to “Saturday Morning Mystery”

  1. Your word press may have messed up before th first word, otherwise great post

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