The Walking Dead 10th Anniversary

Wow how old do you feel if The Walking Dead is now 10 years old?

Geeze It’s really been that long I didnt start reading it till 2007 and I have been hooked ever since. The first issue alone is worth over a 1000$. No comic book in years has shot up that high. Ultimate Spider-Man #1 was the last in 2000 to be worth over at least 100. Copies of Batman #1 of the new 52 is over 50 but the little Image Zombie book is a huge collectors item. I read it in TPB and we are up to vol 18 right now Vol 19 hits the stands Nov 19th. The 10th Anniv will happen in issue 115. With 6 differant covers and they all connect to form the image below. The TV show returns Oct 18th on AMC and Season 3 just came out from Anchor Bay last week.

Some stores to find these covers are, Thats Entertainment in Worcester/Fitchburg MA, Bedrock Comics in Framingham MA, Double Midnight Comics in Manchester NH, Harrison Comics in Salem MA, and Wonderland Comics in Putnam CT.  




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