Sleepy Hollow #1

My co-host Pam reviews the new adaptation of the classic Washington Irving Classic tale. I can think of five other versions of this tale. Jeff Goldblum’s 1980 Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The Disney Version with narraator Bing Crosby. The Tim Burton film staring Johnny Depp. The Hollow which costared Kaley Chocolate from The Big Bang Theory. Ahhh but the fifth is my favorite from an episode of The Real Ghostbusters where the horse man was on a bike and looked like Ghost Rider.


Our story begins during the revolutionary war during a battle, a red coat rides up on a horse with an axe and starts destroying everyone. A patriot starts slashing at him and it’s to no avail until he takes off the horsemans head. The two collapse, and the American soldier wakes up… some time later in a cave…

It proves to be much later than expected as a modern car comes down a paved road.

Abbie is having a meal with her crotchety old partner when they get a call. She finds a weapon on the ground and then… a decapitated body. a fight ensues in which her partner gets decapitated and she sees a headless horseman ride out of a barn. She reports the details saying that he was wearing an old military uniform. She leaves out the part where he has no head.

Is that Harold from Harold…

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  1. 10million people tuned in Monday night

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