The Small Horror Movie

Ever try using indigogo or kickstarter if you have passion in your project then you can do anything. I mean for chirst sake those Paranormal Activity guys have gone on to work with James Wan on THREE of Horror’s biggest grossing films in the last 2 years.  Lake Eerie could do the same if given a chance by a studio little budget means bigger turn around at the theater.  Meredith Majors and her husband came on the show a few months ago to talk about thier little budget ghost film which has a decent cast so far. Marilyn Ghigliotti from Clerks 1,3 and Corey English from Fear Nets Holliston are among the cast. I might also be involved in this project I said fly me out kill me off o yeah lol. Skip Shea, Izzy Lee, Stacy Buchanan all are from New England and have made small budget films and they have done very well. Give it a try if you have an idea in mind.


3 Responses to “The Small Horror Movie”

  1. Hey Chris!! You rock, man!! Thank you so much!

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