Dracula: Prince of Darkness

On Blu ray this week was the new release of the second time Dracula was played by Sir Christopher Lee. This is the one where he refused to speak the lines cuz it was such dribble, but the movie is ok even tho he is hardly in it. In Brides of Dracula he is no where to be seen its only Peter Cushing. In other movies he talks like Palpatine from Star Wars geee I wonder where Lucas got the dialog from?

In this film a group of tourists stay at Drac’s castle till one by one they are killed or escape. A guy is hung up side down and bled allll over the place, to resurect the count. Its the great gothic setting we have come to love from the Hammer films. The music is by Bernard Herman who did much of Hammer’s scors thru the 50s,60s and 70s, we have played the music on the show and mybe its time to again.

Terrance Fisher who did a lot fo work for Hammer directed this great film and it really shows he has a keen eye for gothic horror. The blu ray is filled with great bonus material last time it was relaeased as just barebones film it self. Chris, Suzan Farmer one of Dracula’s victims Francis Mathews and Barbara Shelly other Hammer vetrens are ont he commentary and they are funny as hell to listen too. There is a couple of documentarys and story board shots which are always cool to see. The blu-ray comess with replicas of theater lobby cards form the films original release in the 60’s. This is to be the first of many Hammer releases from Exclusive media very similar to Synapse films Hammer releases.



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