Last week video games lost one of the biggest figure heads of all time, Hiroshi Yamauchi and his death was sooo over looked in our geek culture I was shocked. Bob Chipman for The Escapist made a  great video that sums up the man who was either the Phantom of  the video game industry, or the Emperor of one of the biggest corporations of all time, some people who worked for him might say so. Think of Walt Disney and everything we know abotu him but replace that with a Japanese guy. HE may have been a devil he may have said bad things to his workers but big bussiness is ruthless and mean and he made tough choises that really built a company up from trading cards to a force to be reckoned with  today. His choices and things he did or said may not be right but the product he made I still buy and play with today. With out him we would not have Castlevania, Mario, The Zapper gun, or any of the other great titles or products that came to Nintendo years ago. The Godfather of video games maybe…..                

Yasuraka ni nemuru (RIP), Hiroshi Yamauchi—1927-2013

My co host Pam has every single system Nintendo put out check her out

Former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi


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