Sleepy Hollow episode 2&3

Read reviews for Ep 2&3 of Sleepy Hollow by my co host Pamela Isley.


“Last thing we need around here is an episode of the Twilight Zone.”


Abbie’s having nightmares about herself being interrogated, demons, Ichabod having freaky eyes and being in captivity. She then gets a call from the police. A Dr. Vega is in the midsts of committing suicide, she confesses that everything Jenny saw was real and she knew it (but she locked her up anyway). 

Abbie says the doctor’s eyes were glazed over white. The cap suggest drug use. The medical examiner says “cataracts” and then the eyeball explodes and sand flows out.

Abbie’s prophetic dreams mean that she is one of the foretold Witnesses. She’s more into doing the regular police investigating thing and they collect files showing that the psychiatrist knew Jenny wasn’t crazy.

Most recently Jenny was locked up for stealing $4,000 worth of survival gear from a sporting goods store that she needed for “the End…

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