Deadbeat parents of the year

Dexter and Sarah Pezzini and Talia Ahl Ghul are the worse parents ever in the last five years if fiction.

Sarah—Gave up her daughter to live with mobster baby daddy Jackie Estacado aka The Darkness. Speaking with Ron Marz at Comic Con he said this was going to be fixed soon……

Talia—-Kept the secret of the child she claimed she lost from Bruce and her father Rash Ahul Ghul. She raised the kid in the league of assasins and then drops him off at Bruce’s door step and says train him to be like you, Nevermnd the fact his name is Damian and hes a psychopath.

Dexter—SPOLIER ALERT Dexter leaves his son Harrington in the hands of the psycho bitch he was boning and lets his sister be sent to a watery grave with dozens of other people hes murdered over the years. Then goes and lives as a lumberjack. I heard this was a bs choise by Showtime the producers were not happy and wanted Dexter to have a happy if not FINAL death.

What the fuck why do we write characters like this. I stopped reading Witchblade becuz they made this sucky plotline. Dexter had me fuming. Aaaghhhhh


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