Sleepy Hollow- Episode 4

Pam reviews Sleepy Hollow ep4


Who’s the monster of the week?



Not the horseman. Something more human.

Flashback time: Ichabod back in colonial days are looting a British ship and stealing a create. Then he is waxing poetic about his love Katrina who is lost in time. “Give in to nothing less than certainty when it comes to the matter of the heart.” He’s talking to OnStar employee Yolanda.

The episode picks u[p just where we left off last week, with Abbie just discovering that Jenny escaped. 

Jenny heads to the bar. She knows the bartender and she does a shot. Which is exactly what I would do. She picks up so “things.” A nefarious piano teacher discovers that Jenny has escaped and he and some cronies go into the same bar. Bartender draws a gun. Piano teacher flings him away like he’s a fruit fly.

Stacks of cash passport, guns, picture of her…

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