Batman Arkham Origins

The prequell to Asylum and city the long awaited new Batman games finds its home into my X-Box 360 now that I have beaten Diablo 3. It looks much darker than previous Batman games. Villians like Firefly, Blackmask, and Deathstroke the Terminator make up the main arc of bad guys in this awsome new Batman game.


6 Responses to “Batman Arkham Origins”

  1. I go this today and have been playing it tonight. Batman Arkham Origins is really good, much darker in tone. Looking forward to playing it over the weekend.

    • chrisdsav Says:

      Whats ur gamer tag?? Are you on Xbox?? Only sad thing is Kevin Conroy does not return to play Batman.

      • Yes, its still a really good game though. I’ve been playing it today, great story, and the gameplay is even better than Arkham City. I have a PS3, at the moment I’m not on PSN, was going to, but the hacking thing a while back put me off. I think I may join it when I get PS4 though, online gaming sounds a lot of fun.

      • chrisdsav Says:

        I took a break going back to Gotham today

      • Been playing Arkham Origins today, really good, hope you are enjoying the game as well. Have a great weekend :O)

      • chrisdsav Says:

        U too

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