Super Mega Fest and Bar FX

Tonight on the show The owner operator behind the new night club in Worcester MA BAR FX, it has a unique BDSM night Friday Night.

Then we have Dave one of the two people behind Super Mega Fest in Framingham MA, it has a long guest line up like ELVIRA Mistress of the Dark and Elisa Dushku aka Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Ray Park aka Darth Maul, Christopher Llyod from back to the Future. Larry Kenny from Thundercats and soooo many more. Pam and I will also talk about Sleepy Hollow Dracula and SHIELD,




10 Responses to “Super Mega Fest and Bar FX”

  1. Vanessa Roberto Says:

    Pick me preeeeeease

  2. Vanessa Roberto Says:

    Super mega fest FTW \m/ Boobs,booze and Star Wars woooo cupcakes for all

  3. Hi I would like in on the tickets I also emailed on twitter as well. Are they a set of passes as my wife and I would both like one.

  4. Oh I meant all the boobs of the porn stars cuz wooooo boobs haha

  5. did you pick the winners already? Ill be there at 830 in line anyhow see ya there

  6. how many slave leahs do you think will be there this year 10-20-30? LOL, whos paneldo you think will be the most crowded?

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