Terminator The Vault

Ian Nathan who has worked on other amazing Vault collector books such as Alien,  has put out one of the best ones to date, Terminator. His new book is a great guide thru the film making process of the first two Terminator films. Previous books have been made mostly based on T2 this acts like a museum with cool little tied bits you can go over along with reading it. It has an introduction by Arnold himself. At the end they briefly touch apon T3&4. They break it down like a history lesson starting with James Cameron’s early career as a film maker working for Roger at New World Studios. The book uses a lot of lost material for collectors of the film it self. Rare photographs and designs never before published.

The cool little extras you get include a copy of the picture taken of Sarah Connor at the end of the first film. Memos from the studio about casting. A invite to the press screening of the film. Original poster art work prints and story board conception layouts.

Its hard bound in a slipcase with full color images that really stand out. When I met Robert Patrick at Rock and Shock in Oct and told him about the book he was amazed and really enthusiastic and wanted to see one.  This is a great collectors item for fans of Cameron the Terminator genre or film buffs in general.


WWW.voyageur press.com



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  1. Wow, this looks awesome!

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