Super 7 Alien glasses

In the mail yesterday were my ALIEN drinking glasses. They are an omage to old school BURGER KING

glasses from back in the day like they did with Star Wars or more recently Star Trek 10. The art indicative of how it would look back then.
They come with description of the art on the front of the glass. The images show the best scenes of the film. On the back of the box they came in you get pictures of ALIEN ReAction figures. Which are toys basee on the first film done in the style of star wars toys. Its based on toys that were made but then they realized how violent the movie was and not for kids. Check out for more info. They will be on the show soon.


6 Responses to “Super 7 Alien glasses”

  1. These alien glasses make a great collection for people who still love the Aliens movies. 🙂

  2. Wow, those glasses are awesome!!!

  3. Great product cnt wait to hear the interview

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