Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers have a live action movie coming out like the Smurfs and Alvin and the Chipmuncks (yes those movies sucked balls but they made BANK for Fox and Sony at the Box Office). Mr. Peabody has a movie coming out next month and  Sony is doing it again with their video game characters Ratchet and Clank
How about The British get in on the act with the one of the best cartoons ever made COUNT DUCKULA. Did you ever watch this its from the same UK company that made Danger Mouse. DM was a spoof on James Bond with animals. Kind of like Chip and Dale was. CD was like the spoof on Hammer Horror. The cast was spot on the settting was awsome. I have not seen too many British Cartoons. I may just not be aware them. If you follow my blog and live in the UK PLEASE let them know how good an idea this would be. 

I stuck the theme song below from you tube cuz it kicks ass!!!!



4 Responses to “COUNT DUCKULA”

  1. Let’s see how they fare at the theaters worldwide.

  2. Count Duckula was indeed amazing, but I’m not sure how it would translate being a 15-20 min cartoon to a hour and a bit film. Also from what I remember it was full of British references which would need to be lost to gain broader appeal.

    If you liked this, also seek out Trap Door/

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