Mini Reviews Afflicted and Stage Fright



Afflicted  couple friends go to Europe n a trip and Derek who was diagnosed with AMV has a one night stand with a woman he meest at a club in PAris and starts changing into some kind of Monster Vampire since he craves human blood and cant be in sunlight. HE also tries to blow his brains out after he kills his best friend who was suppose to be taking care of him and did a bang up job of that ….well at least e got him laid forma  hot Vampire chick The main characters Derek and Cliff are played by the actors of the same name and who are also the directors of the movie and written by them as well. If you have seen the movie Chronicle its like a horror movie version of that as they do what any dumb kid fresh out of high school would do with super powers. Derek on the run for the French police trying to figure shit out. as well as find the girl who bit him. The movie is ok I am not a fan of found footage and I am. I like how this is done its clever and with great care put into special effects they were huge at the Toronto Film Fest and it just hit VOD  4/4….the film might have been over shadowed by a certain Captain. I suggest checking it out if its playing at a local theater near you. Its a Horror Hero story we kind of need I am a comic fan but I want a Horror super hero movie and this is something I would suggest fans check out.  A different Vampire movie fresh and inovative with new ideas.

Stage Fright 

A musical Horror movie kind of like Repo The Genetic Opera, but with a light more light hearted humor a ton more gore. Its like a slasher musical comedy. Not since South Park the movie has a film been this unapologetic. This is a film who soundtrack is something you really must pick up its original and witty and cleaver and with a great amount of blood shed so you dont have to be a major musical lover to enjoy the film. A brother and sister lose their mother (Mini Driver) to a killer when they are very young grow to work at a camp and the sister camilla tries out for the play The Haunting of the Opera the play that so happens to be the last play perforemed by her mother when she was stabbed to death. She gets in to the play with an amazing singing voice and has to deal with the normal drama queen bitches. I have not seen a horror movie like this in a long time, I mean we have Young Frankenstein the musical and Sweeny Todd, ones a play the other a movie, but this is an original Horror Musical you should check out from Magnet films. 


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