ANGELA sister of THOR

Many years ago back in Spawn #9 Angela was a pretty hot shit character an angel with a golden bikini armor and huge DD breasts. She was a bounty hunter from Heaven sent to kill hell spawns. Neil Gaiman created her and fought for her. Untill the law suit with Coraline and Sandman creator Neil Gaiman forced Todd McFarlane to kill her off in Spawn#100. She even disappeared from the animated series which had to replace her with a character called Jade in some weird scenes which would have made more sence with Angela in them. Fast forward to the year 2013 and Angela pops up in the final chapter of Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy and now in THOR. That’s right ANGELA Spawn’s bad T&A joke is going to be revealed as the sister of Thor and Loki (technically half to Loki). That’s right Thor has a long lost sister. In the upcoming story line Original Sin (a Marvel Summer crossover event involving the Death of Uatu the Watcher). They never did anything with Angela in the Spawn comics I mean honestly she had a mini series which sold really well and they showed all Warrior angels are Victorian secret models, not Colombo looking mother fuckers like Cass in Supernatural.

Keep a look out for her upcoming Asgardian origins coming up, this would make for an interesting story for Thor 3.




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