Who is that guy in Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2

I will get to my big review of Bates Motel S2 ending but untill I do I thought I tackle this question who is that guy in the trench coat and fedora at the end of Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2. Love or hate the movies someone always asked who that man is. Now at the end of Part 1 we thought it was Norman Osborn and it was not its some guy named Gustov Fiers a man who hates the Parker family for runining his plans for a terrorist plot when Richard and Mary Parker were Agents of Sheild. He was in league with the Red Skull who was part of the plot to kill Peter’s parents. The Gathering, Revenge and Secret of the Sinister Six is where he made his first appearance. A trilogy of novels which very few people read except Director Marc Web who did as he put him in the movies. Fiers is played by Michael Masse, who you might recognize from 24 or fun boy in The Crow.  He will be at the Hartford comic Con May 31-June 1st. How this character ties into the story line of the Sinister Six you can buy the book and see how he did it there. In the movies it looks like he will help Harry from the Sinister Six to take down Spider-Man. 

Image   Image

This character never showed up in the comic books and the novels are not part of continuity of the character Spider-Man. In these books he also has control of Peter Parker’s Sister Pity. 


Below is Marvel’s official page on the character



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