RIP H.R. Giger

Its a sad day for Alien fans, famed swedish artist H.R. Giger died today he was 74 years old. He desinged much of what we love from the Alien films as well as Species. Image

Giger, who was born in Switzerland in 1940, was renowned for his bizarre, surreal art, mixing technology with organic, sexual with horrific. Giger won an Oscar for “Best Visual Effects” for his design of the Xenomorph in Ridley Scott’s Alien. He recently worked with Scott on 2012′sPrometheus, providing original designs.

Easily recognizable by it’s trademark “biomechanical” style H.R. Giger’s artwork evokes a strong sexual tone and is largely inspired by night terrors that he suffered all his life.
Though it was certainly the terrifying design of the Xenomorph that would catapult him into the mainstream and inspire leagues of designers and artists for decades to come.



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    He was a legend. 😦

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