Mini Horror Reviews

Way of the Wicked
Vinnie Jones and Christian Slater star in this supernatural thriller. Jones plays a cop and Slater plays a preist who have to solve a bunch of murders after a troubled teen played by Jake Croker, returns to town and Jones Daughter played by Emily Tennant gets involved with him. The teen exhibits psychic kenetic powers which he uses to defend him self. It’s a slow character build supernatural drama. It’s well shoy and not boring. The focus is alot on the kids. The director Kevin Carraway will be on the show soon.
It’s worth checking out if you enjoy these type of films. It’s not the exorcist but it’s not the Devil’s Due.

Worst movie I have seen in years why is the sex more important than the horror in this movie YUCK, This is like SHowgirls for Horror fans.
nuff said

Devil’s Knot
I didn’t know anything about the West Memphis Three till about a year ago when the three suspects were released from Prison. This movie staring Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth is the first movie made since there release. Reese plays the mother of one of the missing boys. Firth is the detective trying to put the peices together and stop a community from putting blame on kids suspected of Devil Worship. Its a great look at a story that gripped the nation back in 1993 and again in 2012 when they were released and found innocent. The killer may still be out there kind of story really resonates with people cuz it makes you wonder where that killer went many years later. The movie also stars Elia Koteas and Stephen Moyer form True Blood.

In the Blood
Ever want a real kick ass movie staring a female and most of them are really lame, or we have to wait till Lucy comes out in August to see what Scarlett Johansson will give us. Well here is a new flick for you.
Gina Carano stars as Ava, a trained fighter with a dark past. When her new husband (Cam Gigandet) vanishes during their Caribbean honeymoon, Ava uncovers a violent underworld of conspiracy in the middle of an island paradise. Armed with a deadly set of skills, Ava sets out to discover the truth – and to take down the men she thinks are responsible for his abduction, one by one. Its reall y good and got some kick ass fight scenes in it.

Roger Corman’s Frankenstein Unbound
So John Hurt goes back in time and uses his futureistic no how to hell Victor Frakenstein create his famous monster.
Yeah sure, only from Roger Corman. I mean come on its not as weird I Frankenstein and I actually kinda of love hate that movie lol. Its sooo bad its good.


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