Review: Maleficent

My girl friends first movie review and we both FUCKING HATED THIS MOVIE.
That is all.
Still playing at Blackstone Valley Cinema Delux.

Lindsey's Reviews


This was yet another visually-stunning movie with absolutely no substance. It reminded me of Prometheus. Gorgeous to look at, but the more I saw, the dumber I felt for watching.

I saw this movie minutes after watching How to Train Your Dragon at the Mendon, MA drive-in with my boyfriend. It was a really great set up because he and I spent the entire film riffing and shouting at the screen. This was a well-dressed turd of a movie. It starts off with bizarrely alien dialogue with young Maleficent and Stefan meeting in the woods. This signaled the main problem with the film. The dialogue was consistently laughably bad. I burst out laughing minutes later when the king rode in on his horse with an army and announced, “THIS IS THE MYSTERIOUS MOOR THAT NO ONE DARES TO GO.” 1. They should already know that. 2. WHO THE HELL SAYS…

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