Deliver us from Evil

A new horror movie staring Eric Bana (Troy, The Time Travler’s Wife) about a cop Sgt  Ralph Sarchie real account of a possession in New York City years ago. He is not a man of faith and does not believe in the cross any more. After a weird break in at the NY Zoo, he begins to question reality and his sanity when he starts witnessing some strange events in his life. Its all connected to three painters all former soldiers dishonorable discharged.
The memoirs of the former police officer tilted BEWARE THE NIGHT are the inspiration for this Jerry Bruckheimer produced film. Its more based on the cop him self who is a self proclaimed demonoligist.  He has worked on 25 cases involving demons. If you believe in that sort of thing. Olivia Munn former gaming goddess of Attack of the Show cont that movie career she tries so hard to have.

I my self am a skeptic of the occult infill I see it for my self.
It has some cool atmosphere and the character that Bana plays is more interesting than the movie it self sometimes. These EXORCIST movies are not offering anything we have not seen before and that’s very boring.

The movie is out now and play at Leominster Entertainment Cinema and Black Stone Valley in Millbury MA.


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