Countess Dracula

Put out by Synapse Films under their Hammer Collection, this class is gothic horror Stars Ingrid Pitt. It’s a slight take on the Elizabeth Bathory Story.
The blu ray has a decent number of bonus material, a commentary and a look back on Ingrid Pitt life. I still never understand why a trailer is called a BONUS FEATURE. WTF?????
The setting of the movie is fantastic and the set design is great to look at. The woman in this movie are some of the hottest you will see of that era. Hammer studios was famous for blood babes and their boobs LOTS OF BOOBS.
If you want a non sparkle bogged down romantic vampire movie check it out. The pacing is a bit of a stretch but it’s not too bad. I thought the ending comes a little fast.

This was one of the last films the studio put out before they went out of business in 1974.


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