RIP Author CJ Henderson

Its with Sad news I must inform my fellow horror brothers and sisters that CJ Henderson passed away on Friday July 4th from Cancer. He was married to a fashion designer and has one daughter Erica, he lived in NY NY, you will be missed CJ
He is really well known for bringing back one of my favorite TV characters Kolchak The Night Stalker.
CJ came on Radio of Horror in 2009, I met him at Rock and Shock 2007 and we always bumped into each other at conventions.

The first of C.J. Henderson’s series characters, hardboiled detective Jack Hagee is one of the toughest private eyes ever created. Appearing in novels, short stores and even graphic novels, this New York City-based hard case earned the author acres of praise when he first arrived on the scene. Ex-military intelligence, calculating, brutal and honest, Hagee seemed at first to be nothing more than a Mike Hammer clone. The wit, vitality and honor of the character, however, quickly established him as a breath of fresh air in the over-crowded field of cookie-cutter P.I.s. With his novels returning to print in 2012, things have never looked better for this one-of-a-kind character.


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