Alien novelizations


Alan Dean Foster the author has written more book adaptations of screen plays than any other author I can think of.
We could go thru the list but it would fill so many pages
If you want the full list go here

One set sent to me by Titan Books is the ALIEN books mainly films 1-3 all black with sleek covers, ALIEN is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. Lots of companies are getting behind the anniversary and their is a new video game coming out in Oct.

Alan works from the original scripts and published the novel before the movie ALIEN came out. Now this is usually done to drum up interest in the film it self.
A lot of the time you get extra cool bits of info the author may make up about the characters to help flesh them out more or its some scene in the script that got cut form the movie it self.
Its rare you see reissues of books based on movies ALIEN happens to be that kind of GREAT franchise to warrant such a treatment.

Last year I got the Graphic Novel of ALIEN re-released to me from Titan books by Archie Goodwin and Walter Simonson. The original festches big bucks on ebay.


2 Responses to “Alien novelizations”

  1. A great film and this is a really good adaptation by Alan Dean Foster, enjoyed reading this. Great that its the 35th Anniversary of Alien this year, looking forward to the video game. Wonder if they will show the film at the cinema again for the Anniversary, that’d be good!

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