Tarot Witch of the Black Rose

Ever read the comic by Jim Balent. Jim worked on Catwoman vol 1 for DCcomics during the Knightfall storyline. He drew Selina Kyle as one of the most beautiful bad ass heroines in comics.

Jim drew almost every issue of the title up until it was ended and restarted by Mike Alred.

Jim started his own company Broadsword


and launched Tarot a bit monthly comic about a witch from Salem her boy friend John and her sister Raven Hex. A comic he wanted to do and with no restrictions on how he wanted to do it.

This comic is no means for kids none what so ever. He can do the book Very cartoonist at times but still VERY ADULT. SOME have called it soft core porn others freedom of speech and ART. He draws the woman very strong and big chested nudity is in every issue. Jim draws the female body in a way you never see in American comics. Nipples and the labia shown. Anitomically correct hell yeah.
Sex LOTS of it, real lore witch craft yup and this is where his big female audience comes in.
His female demographic is huge. Woman love strong empowered characters. Jim said he bases John Tarots bf on him self a former grave digger in collage. Raven Hex is my fav character next to John a dark witch with a mean EVIL streak and a great gothic look.


One Response to “Tarot Witch of the Black Rose”

  1. That is a cool drawing. 🙂

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