Ghost Rider

Ever read the original comics I am shocked these got published back in the Bronze age of comics mid 70s-80s.

The original story ran for 81 issues during the resurgence of Horror comics in the 70s. The ban by the fucked up and stupid as shit comic code authority had lifted its horror problem and Tomb of Dracula Werewolf by Night and many others got their own book.
Ghost Rider aka Johnny Blaze was the original. If you read Thunderbolts he’s GR again there is also a car driving rider but I have not picked up that book.
Jim shooter was the editor on the book and had a rotating case of people working on it.
The book was filled with GR fighting demons monsters and a lot of devil worshippers and Satan cults and freaks. This book was DARK REALLY FUCKED UP AND MORBID at times. Makes you wonder why the movies staring Nic Cage were not more dark than they were. They had the devil theme and grave yards but a satanic cult would have added a bit more to the story.

Other Marvel heroes showed up and GR even joined the Champions a short lived team of west coast heroes led by Angel from the X-Men. Karen Page former DareDevil girl friend had her Hollywood carear in Ghost Rider till it bottomed out and she became a whore and drug addict.
As the series went on it got darker and Ghost Rider got meaner. John was trying to free his soul from Mephisto and even learns who the demon with in him is. Zarathos a vengeance demon. Hence the title Spirit of Vengeance. After the book was cancelled John would return in vol 2 in 1990 learning he had a brother Danny Ketch and Dan would be come the new Ghost Rider this time with a more darker biker look. This was used for Cages costume in the film.
Ghost Rider is currently part of the Thunderbolts let’s by The Red Hulk and can be seen every month in that book by Marvel.


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