Legends of Horror – Elvira

Cool article Love Elvira I met Cassandra in Nov of last year

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It’s been a few weeks(thank you knee surgery), but I’m back with this week’s Legends of Horror!  This week, I am going to discuss somebody that hasn’t appeared in many horror films but has been an incredible force in the genre for over thirty years.  I’m talking about the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira!


Elvira is the creation of the lovely Cassandra Peterson.  A self professed lover of B-movies, she is perhaps the most recognizable Horror Host in the history of television.  Regardless of how good or how bad the movie she was presenting, she made her show must watch television with her combination of humor, stage presence and raw sexuality.

She’s known for one thing above all else.  Well, two things.  Unlike many other women though, her highlighting of her chest has never felt truly sleazy(although she might be argue differently!).  Instead, she not only used them for…

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