Mini Horror Reviews

What starts out as a modern day Pursuit of Happiness (drama staring Will Smith and his son in what would be his last GOOD ROLE)
Turns in to a bat shit crazy experience of some really slow paced. They do a good job of making this amazing actress from Madrid look homely and not pretty but the cut always to showering and bubble baths reveal a true Horror babe. Sit till the end the pay off is worth it even of the scares are few and in between. I will say if you have not seen this kind of movie or this is your frist exposure to the thriller genre you might be surprised. I will say the movie was depressing all the way thru cuz I too have a son who was once very sick and there was nothing i could for him but he did recover.

Look for my interview with the star of the movie Marta this weekend on the show. We will ask her about hr thoughts about the movie.

Sin City the Dame to Kill For
Ugh I sat thru this and hated it. It was not that great compared to the last one. I was rooting for the wave of comic book movies this summer to do so well It started great with the 300 Rise of the Empire back in March another sequel to a Dark Horse Comic by Frank Miller btw. Then we had all the Marvel movies and no DC films then a terrible TMNT movie and now this. Visually its great to look at. The only good parts of this movie were on Ave Green that’s it. I really wanted to like Josh Brolin’s take on Dwights and see if he would do better than Clive Owen but sadly he did not. Dennis Haysbert from 24 tried to do his best version of Michael Clark Duncan but sadly no. Again the movie is really nice to look at but over all it was a bad movie with little to offer. Most likely why it came in at 6 mill at the box office and no one saw it.




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