Supernatural Season 10

We are weeks away from the return of the adventures of Sam and Dean WInchester. On Oct 7th. As well as Crowley and Castiel who have joined the cats this season. As we left the show Dean died and became a Demon, now what kind of demon he has become who knows. We have the 200 episode of the show coming up which is going to be a musical. Beyond that we don’t have many other details from season 10 most likely trying to keep the Demon Dean story line under wraps. I found out recently that Mark Shepard who plays Crowley will be at the RI Comic Con in November.

Season 9 just came on blu ray and dvd , contains a great detail view of the Men of Letters bunker going thru the various items in the bunker. This was introduced in Season 8 and acts like a new home for the boys after Bobbies place was destroyed by Dick Roman in Season 7.  My favorite episode of this season is Dog Dean Afternoon where Dean gets the ability to talk to dogs and other animals its hilarious, The one episode that a lot of people had problems with guest started Felica Day as the Lesbian Hack Geek Charlie, It had a Wizard of Oz elements to it and honestly was not that bad.

Below is a video showing the then and now of the whole show


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