Alien Isolation

Holy mother of God
First thing make sure you have room on your hard drive for this game I had to download some major software into my Xbox 360, and now I have no more room in time and space.

I didn’t play much if the major campaign as I wanted to jump right into the extra bonus material staring Sigourney Weaver who comes back to play Ellen Ripley. Yahhhhh

The main game starts with Ripley doing a voice over about the events in the movie Alien. This btw is not taken from the movie but actually recorded this year by Weaver herself. In fact all the cast members come back.
With the exception of Yahto aka Parker as he has passed away.


When the alien comes it’s scary I played this in the Dark and wowowow I scares the crap out of my self.
You do get the flame thrower right away but you use so much fuel quickly and if the Alien attacks you from behind YOUR DEAD. Sorry bye bye now. A frontal attack you cHoose dodge but still take some damage.
This game is Hard just warning you.
A horror survival game really living up to the words Horror Survival.
I can’t wait till next week when the Evil Within comes out and we can see if it’s as scary as this.


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