Mini Reviews


Ever make your own Horror movie how about a star in your own Horror movie, a movie that was real that kind of the plot of FOUND. Based on the novel of the same name

A boy discovers that his brother is a serial killer after finding a severed head in his closet. A gory stylized horror movie that has been banned in several countries.Worth checking out and just as twisted as a horror movie could be. The move has many awards


Under Wraps

A new animated movie done with stiff CGI and staring how the mighty have fallen Brooke Shields and Mathew Lliard

About a family of archeologist that go on an adventure and the son finds a hidden tomb that belongs to a long dead pharaoh with a curse. They bring home a talisman mom and dad become Mummies and a giant demon mummy follows them home. I watched this with my son and really wanted to like t for kids they would enjoy it but as an adult I have seen better animation and plot lines in much better movies. I hate the main character he looks so expressionless and so does the rest of the cast. Why is the Mummy blue I don’t understand that at all. The older sister is annoying and suppose to be the mean girl os the story and she comes across as just bland and the parents are clueless. Don’t make a horror animated movie for kids and dumb it down soo much its annoying for parents to watch.Hotel Transylvania and Box Trolls and Paranorman have done it so much better. In 1997 Disney Channel had a movie with the same name I never saw it but te mummy in the movie looks pretty cool for a made for tv move and might be better than this.


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