Edgar Allan Poe and the RI Comic Con

Tonight on the show we have the team behind the play I am seeing Halloween Night in Somerville Ma at the Davis Square Cinema. Producer Izzy Lee, Director Stuart Gordon, Bryan Moore who crafted the Poe bust which is being unveiled at the Boston Public Library on Oct 30th. He also did the HP Lovecraft bust which you can see at the Providance Public Library. and last but not least the man from Re Animator and Transformers Prime and Necronomicon and sooooo many other great Horror movies JEFFREY COMBS. I finally got Combs on my show after 8 years of doing Radio of Horror. I am so happy to have him on tonight. http://www.thebostoncalendar.com/events/halloween-show-edgar-allan-poe-nevermore-somerville-theatre-davis-sq

We also have STEVE the head of the RI comic con on the show with us and we will be playing the interview from Comicoween a big comic book give away event all over the place where ever comic books are sold.


I might at some point play some music and it will be from the VINAL soundtrack to HALLOWEEN 4 The Return of Michael Myers



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