Dracula will rise AGAIN!!!!!

As some of you may or may not know my kick starter for my gender Swapped Dracula movie has failed

like badly. I join the ranks of Joe Dante, Stuart Gordon, Dario Argentio who have tried to get a crowd funding campaign completed to make a new Horror movie. They on the other hand will get picked up by some studio most likely. (Except Argentio his Dracula sucked BIG TIME like what the fuck where they thinking??)

All the money that was donated will be returned to the people who help contribute. We do have other plans. As stated before there could be a comic book coming from this project and I have decided to take the script I wrote and turn it into a book. my own version of Dracula. You can do what ever you want with DRACULA as its public domain and can never be copy written.

I would like to thank Rachel and Andrew and Sara for helping out with the short film we did Dracula’s Guest.

Here is another article written by Josh Lyford over at the Worcester Magazine about my project. As stated in the title DRACULA WILL LIVE AGAIN!!!!



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